The Jersey Shore kids are STILL talking about one night they spent at a Hollywood club because a major movie star proved to be one of their biggest fans. One night Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Rafaeli were at Voyeur and Leo was looking bored as usual, with sunglasses and his cap pulled down. The Jersey Shore cast walked in and Leo came to life. He ran up and hugged the startled Snooki, exclaiming “You guys are the coolest!” He insisted on having his photo taken with each of them (You KNOW how he usually hates photos) and invited them to sit at HIS table. “He treated them like ROYALTY,” an observer told us. “He didn’t want Lindsay Lohan to sit at his table, but he loved having the Jersey cast.“ He introduced the Jersey guys to Victoria’s Secret models and was having so much fun he wouldn’t let them leave until 3:30 AM.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. Hands down the most boring and pompous actor alive. Has this douche bag made a movie any one has wanted to see in the last 5 years?
    Bloated, bland and boring. He needs to go away, pull his head out of his flabby ass and make a decent movie.

  2. some american folks who are pretty long jobless do these kind of “CHEAP THINGS”.

  3. Maybe he’s angling for a guest stint on JS. He is a pompous scuzz-bag jerk and Bar Rafaeli is trashy for breaking up, going back, breaking up, etc. This is a good way to spread germs and bacteria, because somehow I don’t think either one has been faithful during separations.

  4. Don’t think he’s pompous and a jerk, he said hi to me at the Mid-City Gym a few years ago and seemed friendly. I like him, but the Jersey Shore people are shallow jerks, I can’t believe he’s into them. The show was the subject of a negative rant in the NY Post on Sunday. The guy lashes out at MTV for promoting this sleaze fest on a channel that caters to teens. I agree with him.

  5. Not surprised he finds them interesting. How old is this guy now? Can’t seem to grow up, I’m not sure why Bar R would want to be married to him. He hasn’t been good looking since he was a child actor. He’s middle-aged now and says things like “you guys are the coolest”? Please …

  6. I like Leo and am hugely disappointed to learn he’s a Jersey Shore fan (if this story is true).

  7. leo needs the publicity. and yes, he needs a major overhaul. stat. but then i don’t like leonardo.

  8. I find this very hard to believe… I just don’t see him sitting at home & watching those no-class losers on JS.

  9. Wow…I cannot imagine Leo watching that show, nor inviting them over to his table. They are Zlist, and he is A list. What is wrong with this story?

  10. This surprises me, if true…

    If he lived where I live, he might invite over and make a big deal of people he hates, just to diss or avoid someone else…

  11. Love me some Jersey “situation” and Pauley D. Makes Momma’s mussy moist as a snack cake.

    Lil Leo??? Well, not so moist.

  12. As has been said, Leo hasn’t had a hit film in years and is swiftly sliding down the slippery slope into “Leo WHO..”ville. If this story is true, and I’m not entirely certain it IS– (where are these photos?)… I think this is nothing more than a publicity ploy on Leo’s part to appear on the relevancy radar once again.

  13. In the past, 3 ‘starlets’ have claimed he is lacking in the (ahem) department.

  14. Even his good movies would’ve been better with someone else in his part.

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