Now that Brad and Angelina are suing the UK’s News of the World for falsely claiming they were seeing lawyers to negotiate a split, we think everyone should take a harsh look at all the magazines who jumped on the fake story and further exaggerated it. Some mags had Brad begging Jennifer to take him back, some had Jennifer turning Brad down, and others claimed Jen and Brad have been together secretly for awhile! Brad and Jen have NOT been in touch since their divorce. Period. Jen is currently in Mexico with friends including Gerard Butler. It’s time to call publications (and bloggers) to task for lazily or deliberately publishing false stories. Keep in mind, the REAL story is always harder to get. (Above, Brad, Angelina, and Maddox at the Super Bowl)
Oh, and don’t expect Madonna an Jesus Luz to split up anytime soon, either.

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  1. when they sue Howard Stern for making a statement about their split that’s when i’ll believe that they are not dunzo. okay tata

  2. Why does Maddox always wear a man’s hat and look like a little Mafia mobster?

    I think the tabloids are correct in a way. He has taken off on his motorcycle when they argue and therefore are separated for a few days. He does go to party blow-outs with his guy friends and been photo’d drinking looking glassy eyed. Maybe if this continues, Angie will rebel and get back at him via her lesbian tendencies, of which she admitted. Then, the gossip will be true.

  3. I don’t really give a shit about these two either way, together or separate. They are both sleezes and she is a crazy freak who makes out with her own brother! I’m sick of the frenzied kid collecting and the anorexia and the hideous scraggly beard. These two will not get any of MY money to support them in their house hopping-child draggin ways!

  4. She has got him by the balls. His name is on the 3 kids she adopted and of course the 3 bio-kids. If truth be told, he wants his freedom at times without her nagging….AND….he wants to play with the kids when he feels like it. Yep, he is socked in. I do believe the tabs that they fight a lot about how to raise the kids and that she wants to adopt more and he doesn’t want to.

  5. Who gives a crap about those two if your gonna split then for goodness sake SPLIT!!!

  6. I recently read that Brad’s brother thinks he should get out of (the love-less miserable) relationship. This is the first time I have read a member of his family speak out – not that I follow these two religiously, just thought if his brother has spoken out, then it sends a clear message and it is only a matter of time.

    I think they are to different, with to many kids and other things going on to have much ‘real’ one on one relationship time. Great sex is one thing, but not enough alone to satisfy a long term monogamous relationship. Brad probably likes to cuddle on the couch and chill out, whereas Ang can’t keep still and would rather be trying to make the world a better place for some of those less fortunate and extending herself intellectually.

  7. I have heard her say on two separate interviews, (with well-known interviewers) that she finds nothing wrong with bedding either sex if the opportunity arises. Someone that french-kisses her brother in public on the red carpet and wears a vial of Billy Bob Thornton’s blood has got to be crazy. Her pappy even said she is mentally unstable. Brad really got a tiger by the tail when he hooked up with her. It’s so obvious his brains are in his weiner and because of the kids, he is locked in forever with her. The only thing that would make him walk is if he caught her in bed with either a man or woman. Even then, he would just probably go out and do the same thing. They live in a make-believe world, and are both nutty as a fruitcake.

  8. I think the whole Superbowl thing was staged to the max. They are actors after all. Well allegedly …

  9. and how stupid are you going to look when they actually split up? they are both media whores who will use each other and their kids to get publicity to paint them in a positive light. losers

  10. First off, they sued only a British tabloid because laws there are very different than they are here. You notice they will never sue an American tab, because here truth is a defense to a libel suit. Also, Janet, how long have you been on Scrangie’s payroll?

  11. Not true Jennifer herself has said that she has had several phone conversations with Brad since the divorce and I mean do you really believe she has not seen him or spoken to him at least once in five years anywhere? lol ok

  12. their appearance at the superbowl was totally fake. why is it that these hollyweird stars all show up at the superbowl like they’re big fans – what a joke!

  13. “I think the whole Superbowl thing was staged to the max. They are actors after all. Well allegedly …”


  14. I believe Mr. Pitt has gotten in way over his head with this crazy AC/DC lunatic. I don’t even think she is that crazy about kids….something weird happened in her psyche youth background drives her to keep adopting.

    Anon1 is correct. Jenn still carries a torch for him and they have talked, texted, several times.

    Angie is uptight and he is laid back. Neither want to be told what to do. (Recipe for disaster). When the fire of lust burns bright in the very beginning, it always, always, burns out. Oui?

    Signed: Wise old MamaSan

  15. To Seriously? (Above commenter). THANK YOU, YOU ARE ENTIRELY CORRECT.


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