We’re really happy to see Jennifer Aniston having some fun in the sun with Gerard Butler. Why Not? Gerard, who costarred with Jen in “The Bounty Hunter,” flew down to Cabo after Jen arrived with her friends Courteney Cox and David Arquette, Sheryl Crowe, and others. Apparently the group has a big hacienda with private guest houses on the property. Jen and Gerard stayed in a little casita not far from the main house. Gerard has the binoculars – is he looking for paparazzi? Jen is standing behind him. Nice way to spend a week.

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  1. …Supposedly, they stayed at the One and Only Palmilla hotel, not a private house…

  2. Our gal-next-door Jenn has really turned into a full-time man hungry whore. Or has she never been the girlnextdoor type and always been a sex siren (not sure about this) Two things are for sure: She despises Angelina… and #2 she is still insecure about her looks, mainly her nose, chin and jaw line.

  3. She has a rockin body and is still very beautiful. I wish she’d settle down with someone wonderful and have a child or two before she gets too old for it…tick…tick…

    Gerard is hot as hell and would make a great couple with her. I wonder if he’d be faithful tho?

    She needs to stay out of the sun tho, her skin is going to start showing all these years of tanning pretty soon and it’s not going to be pretty!

  4. She has one of the best bodies in Hollyweird. No plastic boobs, not ghastly thin

  5. As she ages, no boyfriend is going to put up with her 3 to 4 hours per day of intense physical grooming….massages, skin peels, manicure, pedicure, washing hair in Evian water, gym workouts, tanning sprays, and much more. Two friends of hers said that she is very meticulous about her looks, and it’s gonna take that much time or more. Her life now is totally about her looks and being caught on camera with her latest short-lived affair. I personally think that deep down she is still very much pi**ed about being dumped for Miss Pillow Lips.

  6. it’s all to sell her latest movie that’s due out next month. these two aren’t seeing each other. she hooks up with guys when she has a movie to sell. Vince Vaughn anyone?

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