We’re not the least bit surprised that Helena Bonham Carter made Vanity Fair’s 2010 Best Dressed List. Helena, however, was flabbergasted and thought it was a joke. “The King’s Speech” star’s style has often been featured on this site because we find her creative and inspiring. Vanity Fair judges their winners by “individual taste,” not fashion trends and Helena has a one-of-a-kind look. She says her fashion icon is “Marie Antoinette.” LOVE the bloomers!

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  1. Of course their are no straight men as judges on that list! She wears awful clothes, like a rich junkie.

  2. HaHaHa! Sal, that “no straight men” comment is so spot on. Only eccentric gay boys find her style appealing. She dresses like a mad old old-maid auntie.

  3. Oh you little boys and girls, raised in Target on hot dogs and prepackaged TV dinners. The greatest mystery of the popularity of Hollywood idiocy has been solved! This is why the Kardashians, and other fake silicone pumped ‘celebrities’ make money on you. You actually like fake, brain dead copycat style. You have no appreciation for originality, style, education and having fun while doing it.

  4. Meg, true about her “originality” but she looks more like a blood-drained badly dressed clown reject to me. She needs to quickly get down to the nearest Red Cross for a stat transfusion before she crumbles in a mismatched heap on the cement and gets swept up into the dustbin.

    PS I wonder what year she last brushed her hair?

  5. Meg: chick who dresses a la Sex and the City and thinks it’s cool and edgy to look like a strung out witch.

  6. Meg, the Helena Bonham Carter types are just the other side of the same coin. True style is neither cookie-cutter nor bag o’squirrels nutso.

  7. Strom, you are now going completely off topic in order to promote your racist agenda.

    Such comments should be deleted, and if this trends, the commenter should be blocked.

  8. Calm down….it’s just all the news, all the time, even when JC misses it.

  9. Strom, one wonders why you would stop giving yourself a two-hander to post this stuff.

  10. It’s abundantly clear that Janet pays absolutely no attention to her own site.

  11. Meg, I for one give in. If I have to actually make a choice between Bonham Carter’s wacky ensembles and the celeb whore cookie-cutter look I choose the former.

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