Tracy Morgan, the Saturday Night Live alumni now appearing on 30 Rock, has been involved in a number of drunken misadventures recently – some illegal – others just obnoxious. But, as a performer, he committed the biggest crime of all at The Hard Rock Cafe in New York – and alcohol was NOT involved. Tracy and three friends spent three hours at the cafe recently, eating A LOT and drinking nothing stronger than herbal tea. His server attended to his every need. Apparently the management was SO impressed with his pleasant behavior that they comped the entire check. How did Tracy express his gratitude? BY STIFFING THE POOR WAITRESS! He didn’t leave any tip at all! Gratitude and generosity are obviously not in his vocabulary.

19 thoughts on “TRACY MORGAN: NOT SO FUNNY

  1. Who ever is bad mouthing Janet and posting about her wearing wigs, sit and spin!
    And who ever is Hedda, why are people posting fake messages under your name?
    Does Janet wear wigs?

  2. um yeah well from my experience working at restaurants; thats pretty typical behaviour for a black person in american. just sayin’

  3. um yeah well from my experience working at restaurants; thats pretty typical behaviour for a black person in america. just sayin’ they never f-ing tip and will complain in order to get a free meal even when there’s nothing to complain about!

  4. D*aisy, do much stereotyping? What is your experience with: WASP’s, American Indians, Hispanics, Asians, etc.? Please do enlighten us.

    Checkout that website for all ethnicities and celebs who don’t tip. The stories are worth reading.
    As for Tracy, I thought he was dyslexic. They don’t have any idea how to spell, let alone have it in their vocabulary!!

  6. Dude!
    He probably simply wasn’t thinking.
    hopefully he’ll read this here or on page six and fix it….it’s never too late.
    btw-love janet for years…but a wig really isn’t a bad idea.

  7. Oye he looks like the kind of colored man that would fart in your car as he was parking it.Oye Vey….

  8. I LOVE that Janet’s little rinky-dink site is being turned into more of a joke than it already is. BTW, what’s a hot karl??

  9. Obviously he’s taken lessons from No Tippin Pippen!
    That’s former Chicago Bull Scottie Pippen, who never tipped, even though he got millions from basketball & a few hundred grand a year in farm subsidy payments from the feds.

  10. Janet should block the comment section until the kiddies go back to school.

  11. Judy, Creature!
    We here at the faculty are sorry your father abandoned you at birth and you had to grow up with a mother who hated you. We are sorry you had terrible acne and the kids teased you mercilessly in school. Please don’t hurt the furry little animals anymore nor light fires. Do everyone a favour and go to the bridge.
    Didi Mao!

  12. I love to get a stiffly stifferson in my basement and prank them all night long.

  13. Oye I have beautiful skin thank you so much.My friend Sheila Horowetz says I glow,and my Marvin loves me.Your hatred to me is anti semitic and disgusting.Lick my creamy Bagel……Oye Vey

  14. Judy Jew is a Goddess.Judy we all love you and hope and pray you run for prez in 2008.Long live Judy!

  15. Stop picking on Judy At least shes funny and has something to say.Unlike some on here that just come to spew hatred at janet and others.Keep it up Judy,I think your a hoot.

  16. If the waitress isn’t sporty enough to lap dance ya.
    But never zippo.
    That’s unforgivable.

  17. This is not about Tracy Morgan being’s about him being a total fucking looser!! I say this being a chef in the cullinary industry with the idea of having my own reataurent….Just because he is a star dosen’t mean he gets a free ride or special treatment! Most clebs that go out just want to try to have a normal time. The only way I would have comped his meal was if he would inturn promote for my business.

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