According to the New York Daily News, Tracy Morgan’s mother Alicia Warden, 61, is in ill health and about to lose her home in Ohio on which she owes less than $25,000. She lost her job in February and unemployment has run out. Utilities are about to be turned off and she may lose her car as well. Tracy’s younger sister Asia says that her mother has done everything that she could for her family. When Tracy’s mother asked for help, Tracy offered her a “one-shot deal” of $2000. Keep in mind Forbes claims the “30 Rock” star is worth 18 million. Sister Asia is disgusted and said “He’s never been a nice person and money just made it worse.” Do you think this is some kind of family feud or is Tracy really a selfish guy?



  1. I don’t think we are hearing the truth or the whole story. The sister is probably the cause of his lack of support for his mother. She probably mooches money from the mother and therefore Tracy’s help goes out the door! Not sure but he doesn’t seem like a cold hearted snake to me. Just sayin’

  2. If this is true, he is a fuckup.
    Shit happens in everyone’s family but I would never allow my mother to go homeless!
    Sidenote, I can not watch 30rock when he is on screen.

  3. Palermo is right. We don’t know the whole story. That said, I am not a fan of his.

  4. He’s a jackass. All he has to do is pay off his mothers house. End of story. No money goes to the sister or mother.

  5. Didn’t I recall an interview with Morgan where he stated that he loved anal sex? He went into such detail I was certain he was secretly gay.

  6. @Walt…he gets drunk with frat boys, this is from the mouth of a bartender, you do the math.

    He is a cold hearted jerk all he has to do is put the dough in an account for the bills. If you can’t help your Mother you are hopeless!!

  7. Maybe we don’t have all the facts, but it would appear that she has worked in the past, (which raises the issue of why should she, when he has so much $), and in this economy worldwide people in all sorts of industries are having trouble securing employment – so doesn’t sound like she has lived off welfare all these years and on the look out for handouts.

    And she (likely) raised him.

    This is chump change to him, what an ungrateful small minded childish sad little dickhead.

    I think there is something mentally wrong with this guy anyway. I too don’t care for his ‘acting’. If this is how he treats his mother, imagine what he treats the other women in his life.

  8. Somehow, with this story, the part he plays on 30Rock must be pretty close to what he is in real life.
    For gods sake, pay off the mortgage, Morgan, and put a little extra in the bank for food and utilities.

  9. Wow…you don’t let your mother go homeless. This is pretty sad.

  10. He got his kidney for his transplant from his girlfriend then broke up with her!! That is just UGLY!!

  11. He’s the reason I can’t watch 30 Rock–a repulsive human being with no comedic talent whatsoever. None.

  12. @Anna Belle Leigh
    Oh great the old George Lopez trick! What a loser.

  13. I’d like to hear Tracy Morgan speak about this subject before passing judgment. I agree with the posters who said we don’t have enough information.

  14. I agree with Muffie, there are two sides to every story especially in these types of situations however, the fact that they went to the Daily News isnt exactly helping me feel any sympathy for these people

  15. since we don’t know the whole story,how true can it be what the sister said. On top of that he has not talked to his Mother in over 10 years. So until we get the whole story I don’t think he owes anyone anything.

  16. A millionaire CAN and SHOULD pay a measly 25K for his mother to keep her home! Anyone who says otherwise is mental.

  17. He must like to think he’s Immortal and just thinking about his Mom dying most likely scares him to death so he’s just pretending this whole thing doesn’t exist or else his bubble may burst. Just my thought….

  18. I think it is despicable what he is doing to his mother and also people like Meg Ryan and Jennifer Aniston whose Moms are almost destitute. He and they don’t have to associate with their parent if it is too much emotionally for them but they are morally obligated and just to have common decency they should support a parent. They could even put the money in a trust. One thing about Drew Barrymore she supported her no good dad and even cried when he died. I can’t stand it when these parents who are 80 and dying of a fatal disease have to go to the papers to try to reconcile with a star child. Hopefully God will have more mercy on the *stars* when their time comes!

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