Bad Tipper!


We always get a kick out of former employees gabbing about their celebrity bosses after the fact. One of Kanye West’s bodyguards, Steve Stanulis, who was fired by West in 2016, said Kanye was one of his “least favorite people to work with.” Stanulis said that Kanye had ridiculous rules- he forced his guard to walk ten paces behind him, and he wouldn’t ride in the same cab with him – making protection more difficult. Among his clients, Stanulis said that “Kanye was a hard worker, but the neediest, moodiest, and the worst tipper!” On his first day of work, the guard said he accompanied Kanye to the building where his fashion studio is, and when they got in the elevator Kanye had a meltdown because the guard didn’t know which button to push for his floor. West was outraged because the guard didn’t “call ahead to find out which floor he was going to.”

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA
Above, Stanulis and West in 2014


Pimp My Ride star Xzibit brought ten people to Arnie Morton’s for steak dinners not long ago. He flashed a diamond encrusted watch that looked like it was worth half a million dollars. The group drank and ate their way up to a $1700 tab which Xzibit paid, but he left a shockingly miserly tip of $100 for the hardworking server! Here’s a guy who can pimp a car but can’t tip a waiter.


Tracy Morgan, the Saturday Night Live alumni now appearing on 30 Rock, has been involved in a number of drunken misadventures recently – some illegal – others just obnoxious. But, as a performer, he committed the biggest crime of all at The Hard Rock Cafe in New York – and alcohol was NOT involved. Tracy and three friends spent three hours at the cafe recently, eating A LOT and drinking nothing stronger than herbal tea. His server attended to his every need. Apparently the management was SO impressed with his pleasant behavior that they comped the entire check. How did Tracy express his gratitude? BY STIFFING THE POOR WAITRESS! He didn’t leave any tip at all! Gratitude and generosity are obviously not in his vocabulary.


Whatever you do, don’t give Kevin Federline the wrong drink! On Kev and Briitney’s last visit to Koi they sat with baby Sean and two friends on the patio -where smoking is allowed. (A baby no-no?) Britney and friends drank what looked like martinis while Kevin ordered “hick drinks” (that’s what the servers and bartenders call them) concoctions that no one had ever HEARD of, and didn’t know how to make. He had to settle for a normal cocktail and was disgruntled. When they left, the Federline bodyguard only left a measly $30 tip for their $500 meal.