Pimp My Ride star Xzibit brought ten people to Arnie Morton’s for steak dinners not long ago. He flashed a diamond encrusted watch that looked like it was worth half a million dollars. The group drank and ate their way up to a $1700 tab which Xzibit paid, but he left a shockingly miserly tip of $100 for the hardworking server! Here’s a guy who can pimp a car but can’t tip a waiter.

25 thoughts on “XZIBIT: NOT SO HIGH ROLLER

  1. This is a tough call, because the closest i’ve ever come to eating something from Mortons is the dry little fish sticks in the frozen aisle. haha
    that picture of him makes me laugh…he is really funny.
    according to that server’s standards, how much should he have been tipped?
    edumicate me.

  2. Silly Americans and your tip expectations. Why not pay the staff a fair wage and place the financial obligation where it belongs – on the business owner (like the rest of the world!)
    Will you ever evolve or always remain the laughingstock?
    Thank you for the fodder.

  3. More proof that BLacks are stingy when it comes to tipping. It’s why people hate to wait on blacks for the most part. Only one that I know of that tends to tip well is Jamie Foxx.

  4. Agree wholeheartedly with 2:45! The US government and state governments need to come correct with the slave wages paid to wait staff. I mean, they should at least be guaranteed minimum wage like everyone else, right? LOL $2.50/hr plus tips – thats BS! Restaraunt owners should not keep getting away with over charging for food and drink AND expecting their clientele to pay the wages of their staff in form of tip – heres a TIP – get a real effing job!

  5. Oh yeah, Xzibit is tired and I don’t exactly know what he is famous for anymore. I do however recall once on his Pimp my Ride show his calling some japanese guy and requesting that the jap guy buy some kid a brand new car because the kids own car was too far gone to work with. I thought it was interesting……

  6. yeah I get tired of the tipping thing,,at least he left something, I have heard about celebs who won’t leave a dime…

  7. Large tables are always disaster for the server.
    A fifteen per cent grat should be applied automatically for tables of eight or more.
    As for boosting wages to offset lack of a tip. Matters not.
    North American servers are quite nice compared to British or French snotty, asshole servers with their higher wage.

  8. The racial comment is offensive and uncalled for.
    Your comment should be removed.
    Once again, one person’s action is not indicative of an entire, diverse ethnic group.

  9. Why was this miseryly? $100 is a lot of money! He was suppose to leave $255 after he just paid $1700 for him and his friends. I’m so sick of waiter and waitresses expecting to get nearly 1/4 of the bill. I know the job is hard but I don’t get tipped for doing my job. Getting any tip at all is a gift not a right. The wait staff is lucky they got something at all because whether I have pockets filled with money or $.05 I might not give anything if I feel the service is off or if I don’t have nearly $300 to supplement someone’s job.
    Tell your boss to pay you better and stop looking for the customers to increase your pay. Greedy SOB’s!

  10. $100? You Beverly Hills bratz are so jaded. You are lucky that he got ten dollars.Try the real world.

  11. If you can’t afford to leave a 20% tip (especially if you’re a celebrity) in a nice restaurant, you should eat in a cheaper one! Don’t stiff the server.

  12. Maybe the servers of the world should go back to school and get a better job instead of expecting 20% on every check.
    I’m just sayin’.

  13. maybe they could pimp the server’s 1989 ford escort. they could make it all restaurant themed and server friendly.

  14. Nicole Ritchie needs Xzibit to fix up the nissan sentra she got as a gift from her dad recently.
    i think that it could be leprechaun green and billow huge puffs of smoke out of the exhaust. there could be this larger than life chuckie headed pez dispenser which gives out vicodin tablets.

  15. Do servers bring you the food, or do they go out and kill it, skin it and cook it? Give me a f*cking break! I’m sick of servers expecting higher and higher tips every year, acting like their job is so f*cking hard. This is why I rarely go to regular restaurants anymore and go to buffets instead -sick and tired of servers thinking their job is so hard they need a bigger percentage of my hard earned money for bringing me a stupid plate or drink. Get a real job, or shut up and be happy with whatever you get!

  16. You can really tell who has worked in restaurants and who has not from this thread.
    Xzibit is an ass.
    ///worked in restaurants as a waiter, cook and exec chef. DID go to school at the same time and now in tech.
    Anybody who thinks waiting tables is easy…YOU try it out for a week and get back to me. Till then your opinion is full of crap

  17. Want to make minimum wage and be a waiter ? Go to work for Ryan’s.
    However, I totally agree with the rest of the worlds VAT (Value added Tax). Why resturants don’t calculate this in is probably because most meals wouldn’t be priced at $7.95, but more like $12.99 if this VAT was in place… Remember, our economy is based on inflation or rather the gasoline inflationary index.
    Gas goes up and so does everything else. Gas comes down, prices for products don’t come down. As we all know, these cheap prices for gas won’t stay that way for very long.
    Anyway, how to do the fast food joints make it ? Drive thru Wendy’s and buy a Crispy Chicken Sandwich for .99 cents and listen to the attendant say thanks, then later on buy a #2 ($5.60), and listen to them in a cheerful voice say Thank You! Companies no doubt, are giving the idea of incentives to employees who sale the most during their shifts. Hence, would a employees working for $2.50 an hour hustle more, than say someone making $7.50 an hour ?

  18. Who gets paid more, waitress or the bartenders. Think about it.
    But a beer for $2 and most people give them a $1 tip. Add up those tips after one hour and hour for that 20 second transaction…
    Buy a steak dinner $12.99 and most folks only give $2-3 after sitting at the table for 30 minutes…
    Waitress, especially guy waitress don’t earn much at all. Chicks earn way, way more than guys. Just because, women are more tight with their tipping than men.

  19. You know what’s crazy is when you order one of those VAT meals and then the wait staff finds out your an American and they stand around waiting for a tip to appear… That’s why I bring a quarter roll with me. So I can give these waitress staff something to gawk over…
    I mean, how many Europeans have ever really seen the new US Quarters up close and personal? With a little bit about each state on it?
    Every good tourist should dispense these out thru out the the world, as who knows someday they’ll come to our country and visit that state which was on that quarter.

  20. I think that those who lean toward the negetive views on serving and exhibit need to shut up. I am sure he didn’t undertip purposely. there are some that do however. In regards to being a server, until you have done this job, you have no idea or ground to stand on with negetive comments. Those who have made comments about going back to school, or the real world most likely aren’t making it in the real world and need something to B#%ch about.
    i do have to say this is fun to read though.

  21. You want to be turned off from ever leaving another tip in your life again? Take a Carnival Cruise. My goodness, theyd expect a tip for helping you into a life boat while the ship was sinking. TIP TIP TIP TIP TIP TIP TIP. Ridiculous!

  22. Everybody that has worked in the restaurant industry knows African-Americans, for the most part, are baaaaaaaaad tippers. It’s no secret, and it isn’t horrible to say, it’s just the truth.

  23. Most of the servers I know are college students trying to work full time. In Missouri, its 2.13 an hour plus tips. Ok, let’s be real. Most nights you’re working 8-12 hours , thats 17-24 dollars! For an entire shift. Mind you, servers don’t get pay checks. Their tips are all they get. Paychecks are always $5.00 or less (I’ve had checks for .17 cents!) because it alllll goes to taxes. So when people come in and spend HOURS just sitting around BS’ing in your section and leave you 10% ?? Its crazy to try to support yourself on that. I’m offended that people are saying get a better job? C’mon. Its just not fair, if you can’t afford to tip, dont eat there.

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