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Looks like Tori Spelling is working hard to put her Beverly Hills 90210 image behind her. Remember, Tori and Shannen Doherty were the spoiled bad girls of the 90’s. Booze, after hours parties laden with drugs, and plenty of inappropriate boyfriends kept these girls busy. Cigarettes and anorexia were the order of the day. Now Tori looks more like a suburban housewife. (which she is on her reality series Tori & Dean: Inn Love, filmed in Fallbrook, California.) Instead of being driven home from a club with her head hanging out the window, Tori is loading a stroller into a sensible family vehicle. We wonder if Lindsay and Britney will be living this life in a few years.

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  1. I think 90210 is the best thing she has ever donethe part of Donna Martin was perfect for her. A few flop TV movies were horrid. Daddy spent $$$$ on her first marriage; how could she leave him so fast for Dean? Hope this one lasts; usually adultery comes back at you in the same form you did it.

  2. You’re feeling HOME-SICK!!Make a PORN-MOVIE named:
    90210 PUSSIES

  3. I think the best thing that happened to this girl was daddy left her next to nothing in his will… & she & her mom weren’t speaking- so, having to fend for herself gave her a new outlook on life.
    A new respect for money & relationships.
    My question is, did Dean come along after daddy died?
    I thought I remembered thinking that he knew she WASN’T inheriting therefore maybe it WAS love ?
    I’ve watched their show a couple times & she seems like someone I could sit around & have a conversation with.
    I NEVER would’ve thought that when she was younger

  4. Lindsay and Unfitney will prolly be dead in a few years. They truly don’t know they’re killing themselves…

  5. Tori is a home wrecker and Dean is an opportunist scumbag who cheated on his wife and abandoned his two children in Canada. I’m sure the two of these filthmmongers will be finished with each other as soon as something better comes along. Pure filth!

  6. Suburban, urban, aquatic, doesn’t matter.
    Tori would still be HIDEOUSLY UNATTRACTIVE, no matter the environment.

  7. The plastic surgeons just can’t get her nose quite right. No matter, her entire face is un-make-over-able. Adulterers and home-wreckers will pay sooner or later, just a mattter of time. Play now, pay later.

  8. Gerard PLEASE,,,always with the crude talk,you are an animal.

  9. Margo, you have turned into a decent and enchanting person. I think that deep down inside you always were a sweetie. Cheers!!!

  10. Tori committed the Hollywood cardinal sin of being born ugly.
    Her mother helped seal her fate when she insisted on Tori’s first rhinoplasty while Tori was still a pre-teen, which was far too early.
    The result speaks for itself. The corrective surgeries she’s had following that first disaster have left even competent surgeons too little to work with favorably.
    Tor-Tor has tried to compensate by focusing on her breasts

  11. She prob got those Uggs free at some crap Hollywood party.

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