Another fascinating Scientology story involving Tom Cruise has just been revealed and if we were Tom we’d be getting pretty annoyed with the church by now! A young woman from Norway, a former Scientologist named Anette Johansen, recently realized that she was one of the girls who unknowingly “auditioned” to become Tom Cruise’s wife after he divorced Nicole Kidman and she told her story to Woman’s Day in Australia. Back in 2005, pretty blonde Anette, 27, was filmed helping with disaster relief with Scientologists in Thailand after the tsumani. Later the church contacted her to do a special audition film. She was surprised because there was a makeup artist present who applied lots of eye shadow and lip gloss. Instead of being handed a script she was asked dozens of questions about her personal life and family history – even her sexual preferences. Nothing happened afterward and she didn’t connect the dots until 2012 when she read about the Persian girl who auditioned also and told her similar story to Vanity Fair. That girl had ended up dating Tom for a short while. We wonder HOW MANY girls Tom had to choose from before he settled on Katie!



  1. SCARLETT JOHANSSON was another candidate to Tom’s “hand”. As soon as she realized what she would get into, she backed off. Katie Holmes bit the bait then….

  2. Wonder why he chose Katie, a solid Catholic, instead of one of the brain-dead zombie hags who was already a Scientologist. Her parents repeatedly tried to talk her out of joining the evil cult.

    On the other hand, did Katie really have a crush on him since she was a teen, or did she set her sights on the rich tiny one so she could be financially set for life?

    So many questions, but the bottom lines are: (a) I don’t care. (b) I wouldn’t want to be her for anything.

  3. If you really didn’t care why are you reading this.

    And I never understood why people think Katie did this for $$$ she didn’t fight the prenup(which shuts her out of his fortune if she left him) and really any child support goes directly to Suri.

    Her actions don’t strike me as some golddigging hobag I also think Tom wouldn’t have married a woman who had those intentions either as hard as it is to fathom.

  4. ^^^Why is anyone reading anything? These were just **surmisings** anyway.

    Katie is getting some big monthly amount from the tiny one. How could she maintain a huge extremely expensive luxurious Manhattan apartment just by appearing in a few Broadway/Off-Broadway plays. There is no way she could afford this life style. This must be a large amount monthly for Katie and Suri. Who the H**l knows.

  5. I am convinced Katie doesn’t understand a lot of things. Still doesn’t. As I recall, not only Scarlett Johansson didn’t take the bait, but also Jessica Alba. There might have been a couple of others. Penelope Cruz escaped, also.

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