Last night’s MTV Awards was a night that Miley Cyrus will want to FORGET in a few years, but it will come back to haunt her over and over. (Sort of like that photo of Keifer Sutherland sitting in a bar with his pants down) The 20 year old is acting like she just discovered sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll and she thinks she knows how to do it all better than anyone else. Sticking her tongue out and wiggling her behind is apparently Miley’s idea of what is sexy, but to the observer it’s just vulgar and silly. Hopefully, she’ll take a close look at her in-your-face performance and learn from her mistakes. (But we do love her hair)

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  1. I have no problem with sensual dancing, but this was just downright vulgar. Why is her big cow tongue always hanging out.

  2. This is a calculated move to increase her visibility and it’s working. Hell, Kimbo got pissed on and look at how big that human toilet has become.

  3. She is the new Gene Simmons.

    The girl gave a show. That is why it’s called show business. Let the girl live.

  4. I hope the new can’t be tamed Miley has a new fan base lined up because this former fan has had enough. She makes me so uncomfortable now that I’m embarrassed I used to like her.

  5. What’s with the tongue? It looks so stupid. Some body sexually abused her!

  6. It’s the Disney Curse, they all end up bat shit crazy.

    @Paula, Miley was a very precocious child from an early age.

  7. What happened to this girl? So sweet and innocent a few years back and now look at her. It’s repulsive. And she thinks her behavior and appearance are entertaining. I suspect the girl took an oath to worship the devil. Look at her hair. I certainly see two horns on the head of a beast. She’s ugly inside and out.

  8. She looks like she’s gonna catch a fly with that tongue. Is is so cringe-inducing to watch her act like that.

    Who’s her manager? Did everyone around her tell her “you go girl, you look so sexy sticking your tongue out”? Who in their right mind thinks she looked hot? I’ve been searching for that one person, but so far NO ONE liked her act.

  9. Miley has an ugly face, everyone knows ugly girls are the most desperate. Robin Thicke looked so uncomfortable with this chicken cutlet gyrating on him.

  10. Gross. Also, she can’t sing or dance. When she was walking around on the stage she walked with her legs wide apart. This girl is the opposite of sexy. Oh, and talented…really do not like her voice.

  11. She’s gorgeous and a great performer. But it just made skanky Robin T look even worse than his video did. Put the blame on him.

  12. Well she’s sending a not subtle message to certain people about what she’s willing to do in graphic terms. And nobody has talons for nails anymore.

  13. The drugs made her do it. This is going to be a BAD story down the line.

  14. sub-literate hillbilly, and a tangible arguement for selective sterilization

  15. Was it supposed to be sexy? (I’m not being facetious.) I guess she thought so, but I thought it was hilarious and definitely the most entertaining part of the evening…musically not so strong, though.

  16. Satelle you’re wrong, she needs all the blame for this, this is how she acts all the time, if RT is there or not.

  17. her tongue out like she’s a mouth breather~ she calls herself white trash and that’s insulting to white trash. her saggy ass from standing in too many lines to do lines.. she is nothing but a tricked out whore now.. and has been for awhile now.. no talent auto tune.. have no idea who listens or wants to watch her ass sag.. a few years time and she will be making lindsay lohan look like the epitome of class. i’ve been saying this while Ur were practically kissing mileys ass Janet.. thanks to Anna Wintour… have Ur own opinions. Just because Ur thin thanks to cocaine does not mean U are upscale in any way.

  18. she is trying too hard but desperately marrying an old fashioned naive american.

    people will get tyred of her in time……..

    (stay out of the spotlights for some time, first grow up)

  19. I feel sorry for her. Her performance was repulsive, but, ask yourself who is profiting from this? Tragically, she is just another young girl who has a limited shelf life. She has being sexualized and used by the system that is owned, controlled and dictated by a handful of wealthy males. RT is a sleazy pig and he is just as much to blame for the performance(plus he is older and should know better). Rhianna and many other talentless artists (starting with Madonna) have normalized this kind of sleaze. Sadly, this kind of sexism in the music industry seems to be getting worse and worse and until women are in charge behind the scenes, I doubt it will stop.

  20. Heavily programmed by MK ULTRA. Absolutely sad whats going on with this ex-Disney slave

  21. She’s on drugs and booze, duh, it’s so obvious. She needs desperate intervention, but it won’t come from her stupid parents. (her mom gave her a standing O after her filthy performance).

    I’m surprised she hasn’t got her demon tongue pierced, but maybe it is and can’t be seen here. And yes, her hair is hideous and looks like devil horns. Sad really.

  22. Remember back in high school when you watched SNL and loved the skits, and when drunk you and your friends thought your own little skits were equally funny and entertaining? Seems Miley mistakenly believed her bedroom hairbrush antics were good enough for public consumption. She should have asked someone or hired a choreographer. Meh, this was painful.

  23. “her demon tongue”,

    are you retarded Christine ?

    What about your bitter, jealous, crass, small minded, hateful, racist, religiously intolerant, double wide, lakes -o- fire, trailer-park tongue ?

    show a fragment of self awareness for once, Jesus H. Christ !

  24. she looks like “Hell-Boy” with that tongue and hair. That cute guy she is engaged to better run like the wind.

  25. The sexist woman hating on this site is really pathetic. Always blaming the female, victim, etc. It really is low.

    Right on Teddy!

  26. Agree with Nina: Satan is still applauding.

    Teddy, you need prayer. Are you gay?

  27. No not gay, merely educated, and I must admit, dead tired of sub-literate droolers judging complete strangers morality from thousands of miles away, as if you were equipped…

    Delusional and disingenuous fatties from the double wide pulpit

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