How’s this for a wild theory? A source of ours is convinced that the Kardashians made up all the crack charges against Khloe’s husband Lamar Odom. The source says sure, Lamar did some partying – all the basketball players do, but it was no big deal. The family wants to DISCREDIT Lamar so when he and Khloe divorce, it will make Khloe look like the good guy, as in ”Poor Khloe- she tried so hard to save him and the marriage!.” come to think of it, the theory isn’t so far-fetched…


20 thoughts on “IS LAMAR ODOM BEING SET UP?

  1. Seacrest, E channel,and Pimpmomma, got rich on the murders of young lovers so this little smear is nothing.

  2. Lamo is not worthy of sympathy since he also exploited the murders Ron and Nicole for Fame and profit. He got mixed up with some evil bitches. He entered into the deal with open eyes. I hope he falls down a flight of stairs and breaks his neck. There is no honor among thieves.

  3. How did Judas meet his fate? That would be justice for the entire “Brand” I hope the die in a fire.

  4. How about this one: JC wants to get advertising revenue so she fills her site with Kardashian and JLO press releases. No substance, no matter becomes the motto.

  5. I’m sure the Ho’dashians are setting Lamar up. But he should’ve known better that to marry into that awful family….of nobodies. Kanye….RUN…don’t WALK !!!

  6. How much PR revenue are you getting to cover this trash?

    Ive never seen a photo of this sleazy ugly ass family where they arent photo shopped to the point of looking like cartoon characters.

  7. Of course the KrapTrashians are setting him up. This is nothing new. They did that to Humphries as well. I feel for Lamar because I don’t believe he really knew who he was dealing with until it was too late. He had to know that this kind of stuff would be coming his way when he didn’t fall back in line whe PMK told him too and so I am not feeling too bad for him. Plus I think Khloe has hit the pipe before she even knew him and now the Kraps just throw shit at the wall and sees what will stick. It is all about protecting their brand which is pretty much dead anyway.

  8. I hope the whole pack of them,including E channel,get gut shot and buried up to their necks in the Gobi desert.

  9. The K Klan will do anything for money and publicity, especially Momma Witch. When Judgment Day comes, they will realize their fame and money can’t buy their way out of eternal damnation.

  10. This sassquatch has bigger hands than Lamar. He should make her take his place to play basketball. She can palm the ball better than him.

    If he was a “crackhead” why was she so desperate to marry him? & if he was such a crackhead why would she want to have a kid by one?

  11. I knew there was a reason for Lamar’s strange appearance in photos. He always looks weird. Hard drug use says it all now that the cat’s out the bag. That Khole can’t pick a good guy to save her thirsty life. Every man she becomes involved with ends up screwing her.

  12. don’t care one bit about these folks. I don’t read any of it, such get on here to post that I don’t care.

  13. Set up? Why, of course! Anything to keep the Kartrashian name front and center in the media. Did we have to put up with Paris Hilton for this long? Of course, there’s only one of her, whereas there’s a whole litter of the Ks to choose from. WHEN WILL THE MADNESS END??????

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