Britney Spears spent some time in the company of her ex-husband Kevin Federline and her present boyfriend Jason Trawick, at her son’s ball game. She had a chance to compare their similarities and differences. Both have a penchant for baseball caps. Kevin is a former dancer who has given up his career and no longer seems interested in working. He’s lost his dancer’s body. Jason is a successful agent and he’s in good shape. No doubt about it, Britney has TRADED UP.


  1. Ewww, Trawick looks anorexic and seems a little too old for Brit! This guy supposedly has had the hots for Britney since she was a very young GIRL!! Sounds a little creepy to me.

    Federline is no perfect specimen, but he is of a more suitable age for Britney. Trawick is just a tool for Britney to get her freedom back from her father’s conservatorship. Which would be a good thing for her and I hope it happens, but she is in way, shape, or form into this creep.

  2. Chicken-fried Britney is my fave train wreck.

  3. The bald guy in the glasses looks like the best bet of that gang. I agree that Jason dude looks like the baby raper down on the corner with the dog and camper. EEEWWW! Is right! And EEEWWWW again!

    By the way, does this guy represent ANYBODY but Brit-Brit? Certainly NEVER heard of him before her involvment.

  4. I can think of a lot of people you’ve never heard of who have good careers/jobs, Reta. For Brit, I think it’s better that way.

    Trawick looks like a normal guy; what’s wrong with that? I’m not saying he actually IS a normal guy, but why the extreme judgement about his looks?

  5. Janet!

    Control your trolls!!
    For years I’ve been asking you for moderators. Hell, I do it for free.

  6. 2 or 3 months ago, about 5 mags and all the tabloids were showing pics of Brit with a black eye and bruises. It was claimed Jason beat her regulary and controls her big time. So have you seen this and is it true?

  7. Kevin is packing a monster in his pants, so don’t speak too soon about “trading up.” He’s an upstanding guy, a good dad, and has a big fat cock. Brit lost BIG when she lost Kevin.

  8. So, “I’m” the ONLY one here who judges anybody? Pardon me for reminding you all, but this s=is a GOSSIP site…get off you high horses and take a good long look at your own selves before pointing the fucked up finger at me.
    I only made a comment on THIS PHOTO. The “boyfriend” DOES look like a creep to me. Pardon for for having eyes and an opinion. Brit isn’t exactly known for her great taste in men or other decisions she’s made either.
    It always makes me wonder when suddenly people like Brit wind up suddenly “dating” their “manager”. Anyone recall the creep that “managed” Latoya jackson, and married her and beat the hell out of her for years and forced her to do the kinds of shows she didn’t want to do? Yeah, thought not. Now go ahead and attack me again on THAT one. Yes, I’M the bad guy here again, right? Stupid fuckers.

  9. Reta relax & keep it ‘ladylike’ it’s not so serious and I had your back above, asking Janet to moderate trolls.

    Sure. Most likely the guy is a plant by her parents to scratch an itch while they milk the cash-cow.

  10. Thanks Mel, I just get sick of the constank attacks on me personally. This is a GOSSIP site and when I comment on the given subject suddenly I become the subject and I don’t get the dynamic of it. Very odd. But THEY are allowed to say tHEIR opinions on things without being called out. This is just a fucked up site, that’s all.

  11. I think this guy Tawick is using her, that’s all. He comes out of nowhere, supposedly “manages her”, but who else does he “manage” He doesn’t seem to be ever at work, but always tagging along with her like a shadow. Kinda reminds me of what Federline did. Went from an obscure back up dancer no one ever heard of, with a pregnant girlfriend and kids, to Britney’s full-time lackey. This guy is doing the exact same thing. Prove me wrong somebody. Prove he’s actually MANAGING other people and getting them paying gigs.
    Getting paid to be Britneys regular screw and lug around her kiddies when lumbering Kevin isn’t doing it is hardly a career. Well, maybe in Calif it is.

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