Even Israel has it’s so-called “glamour models” who are addicted to plastic surgery. Orit Fox was doing a photo shoot with a big boa constrictor and the unhappy snake took a bite out of her enhanced breast. She was rushed to the hospital for a tetanus shot, but the poor snake reportedly died of silicone poisoning.


  1. So whats more dangerous?
    A big boa constrictor, Orits tits?

  2. I can’t help but wonder if Charlie Sheen has some level of silicone poisoning.

  3. I’m sorry, but that story is too funny. Seriously, death by silicone implants?

  4. That “female” does not look like an actual human being. Is it? What’s up with those eyes? I’m just sayin’ that’s the true closest thing to a real Barbie Doll I have ever seen, wierd eyes and all. Spooky.

    PS: A boa constrictor doesn’t bite to swallow, but to hold it’s victim still while it throws coils around the prey and then constricts. With each breath the animal takes out the snake constricts tightere so the animal can’t inhale. So, I’d say, this little tale is most likely fake.

  5. the snake dying sounds like an urban myth – something to generate publicity.

  6. Wow another Girl crush Janet?

    Who knew Reta was a snake expert? Or maybe a wikipedia expert. ROTFLMAO!

  7. Well pippa, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist. Constrictors constrict.


  9. Poor snake! If he bit Rita he would’ve died of diarrhea and excessive vomiting

  10. goddamn it: it’s means:

    it is

    fucking brainless twats!!!

    Also, dlisted said this story is bullshit.

  11. This is some Benjamin Buttons shit here! Snake ends up dying from silicone poisoning — truth being way funnier than fiction….but I pity the snake in this tragedy.

  12. Teddy: it didn’t happen.

    Pippa: my oldest son kept snakes for years. Different kinds, but all constrictors, in other words, non-poisonous. They don’t attack non-food and animals too large to swallow. They can’t spit it out or vomit it up and their teeth are used to catch and hold the victim/food still while the coils suffocate. The bite doesn’t kill and they don’t swallow from that bite. They start to swallow only after the animal stops breathing and then they swallow the creature head first. Once they start, there is no stopping.
    So there is no constrictor on this planet that would strick and swallow whatever came out, like silicone. It’s a really stupid thing to come up with.

  13. I saw the video, and it looked like the snake took a deep bite. Deep enough to get to the implant? Maybe. But why no talk about her being rushed in for surgery to replace the implant?

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