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When we encountered this astonishing and tender photo of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip on Facebook, it instantly became one of our all time favorites. In a world changing at lightning speed, it’s nice to see some things have longevity.

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  1. I live in the UK and while it’s important to mark history I can’t help but ask, what is royalty? Are they better than us? Do they have special powers? Or is it just bullshit, that an unelected person can be celebrated in this way?

    I’ve found the past weekend a bit disturbing.

    Up the republic!

  2. I’m sure he cheated on her right and left throughout their marriage. That’s what old school royals do. I seem to remember hearing about a news reporter and Prince Phillip years ago. Can anybody refresh my memory? Let’s pray that William doesn’t cheat on Kate. I just can’t see him doing that because he knows how it devastated his mother when Ol’ Big Ears Chuck cheated on her with Horseface Camilla.

  3. You rarely get to see them showing affection/touching each other. Thanks for sharing this photo.

  4. There are several baby pictures of Elizabeth that look like Prince harry as a baby and toddler. There is a strong resemblance there.

    So much has been written about the royals that it is difficult to determine what is right or wrong. I tend to believe most of what Diana had disclosed in her interviews after the marriage disolved.

  5. ps) of course, he (Harry) looks like his grandpa Philip too. 🙂

  6. I don’t think the Queen considers herself better than us at all. I think she’s very aware she has been born into a life of material privelege, and sees herself as cast (not by choice) into a role of public service. Compare that with self-serving politicians.I think we have a really good queen.

  7. What would the people do if they found out that they are really German. Of course she is better than us; she doesn’t work, eats, travels and wears better jewelery. That is way better than any welfare queen.

  8. I agree with you Nina.

    The bottom picture seems as if they are looking at other as having come full circle. They started out with shallow, transparent Love, went through some “stuff” and have now found a deeper, stronger Love. Cool pic!

  9. Thanks, Janet. Gorgeous pix.
    I doubt there’s any blood between the Royals and Harry, but they treat both boys well.

  10. The same brooch, and probably the same “daytime” pearls. Lovely pics.

  11. The body language is revealing. Prince Phillip looks like he wanted to run away when younger. Age, old age, will make a person settle down. Too bad it took Phillip 70 years to settle down to one woman.

  12. no, Forest, we Americans were already losers.

    Take Kim, Trump, Dr.Phil, Dahmer and Strom, Reagan, Nixon, McCarthy, Bush Jr., Vietnam, Iraq, uncontrolled Banks and all the resource stealing willfully polluting multi-national pharma/agricultural giants, the immoral industry of faith, Tammy Faye Baker et al, the KKK and reality tv, plummeting literacy and skills, and rampant xenophobia,

    hey, whats not to love, we’re a nation of crude, celebrity obsessed, ethically situational, culturally disposable, twittering racists.

    if we were ever the greatest, it was for a couple of years in the 1860’s perhaps then again in the late 40’s and briefly during mid/late 60’s, maybe.

  13. oh, I recently read about a comparison between two cities 20 miles apart. One, Detroit with roughly one homicide a day, and Windsor, Ontario, with roughly one homicide a decade.

    ya, we’re the greatest alright, just ask Sandusky or Creflo Dollar.

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