Judging by this photo, Patti Stanger has slimmed down and is in top shape for the new season of “Millionaire Matchmaker.” The last time she was this slim, she was preparing for her “wedding” which many people believe was a set-up to give her credibility as a matchmaker. Patti and her “fiancee” split before the big event. Her success rate is debatable, but the sometimes abrasive Patti claims she takes in from $25,000 to $150,000 from billionaires seeking suitable mates, so maybe SHE has the last laugh.



  1. She’s a pimp. All those guys look like sleazeballs and all the women look like escorts. But hey, it’s not hurting anyone so whatever.

  2. She’s a TV hoax. I’ve actually watched this show because it’s a hoot watching her bark at both sides of her dollar, ridicule the “millionaires” and attempt to completelt remake them tho SHE’S a hideous troll and UNMARRIED and OLD looking and hasn’t kids either. She’s all used up and driven around the block too many times and losing weight is NOT the answer to fixing what ails her. Her “procedure” doesn’t seem to work and any of us given the same opportunity could do as good or better and treat the participants like humans in the process. She needs a personality transplant. NO ONE is going to love HER in that instantly snap-judgemental nasty bitch personality diva crap of hers. Amazes me she’s got a show, but then train wrecks DO do well on TV.

  3. Judging by that “outfit” above AND the other nightmares she wears on her show that make her look like an old hooker, I’d say she needs to contact a good stylist pronto. I suggest Rachael Zoe who is classy and always knows how to put glam stars together for the red carpet. Not sure Rachel would touch THIS mess tho…

  4. What I’d like to see less of is that awful outfit she’s wearing. Seriously, a flowered print top with a leopard skirt? How can she match people when she can’t match her clothes.

  5. Oh and Janet, what no scoop about Charlie Sheen’s My Violent Torpedo of a Dud tour? God love Detroit, they know a lemon when they see it.

  6. Perhaps she lost the weight to improve her health? Nah, I think she loss the weight to offer herself up as an appetizer to potential clients. ???? I bet she has holes worn out of her knee pads.

  7. One ugly jew and she uses the same approach the whores do who advertise that they want to dominate their johns…she puts out that drivel and people actually pay up for another skank. Only on reality tv. Send her back to walking the strip like she used too.

  8. Did she get dressed in the dark? Does her stylist hate her? Has she lost her mind? What kind of excuse can one have for dressing like this?

  9. While channel surfing I saw about 15 minutes of her show,one evening, and yes that was enuff.
    To be a matchmaker,she talked cash trash to her client. I see Nothing attractive about her. I’ve seen better faces in horror movies!!

  10. She’s a kick in the pan.

    Funny brassy realistic, more power to her.

  11. Her, Heidi Fleiss, and Rachel Uchitel are all the same,,,think about what they have in common.

  12. She loooks bad.No matter how much weight she lost her face is still not attractive.She looks dirty and beat up.

  13. Pointy toe shoes gotta hurt. Her feet hurt and our eyes hurt when we look at this hideous crapola she’s wearing.

    Tinchy: ‘dirty and beat up’; yeah that’s so right.

  14. Pointy shoes is so old lady. The triangle shape of the toes saddististic
    She must have marched in that doctor’s office and screamed to suck every inch of fat out of her body. She’s going for the Kardiashn look but really she can’t be that skinny at that age.

  15. Is that hideous outfit meant to distract from the wonky eyes and leathery skin?

  16. To be a matchmaker, this hen doesn’t seem to have a single thing going on for her own self.A matchmaker would Not have to be pretty, but at least be able to look attractive. It has got to make potential clients eyes hurt just having to look at this matchmaking embezzler!!

  17. Casonia Logenberry and Well Wishes to Chef Gordon Ramsay Family and Friends! So much good cooking on Masterchef that it was a Yummy moment for all three judges. Hells kitchen is full of Hell? says:

    I just think it is wrong to go with a man for money? I Just love…Love and…Tender joy but to go with a Millionaire is Gold Digging Blood Sucking Leach person..But what ever people want and whatever floats the Boat and give people joy in life but..She Looks Amazing and Beautiful and Lovely and matter of facts she looks Great. More Power to you and Happy that you have a passion for your job and sorry…I hurt your feelings to some degree…I know that your a real sweet heart and that you have style and class and understanding and concept.? I like you and really wish you the best..Good Health and Good Joy and a Bright wonderful Future Ahead.

  18. Casonia Logenberry..Jennifer stop screwing up!Hells kitchen first no salt in the mash potatos and then you screw up the Veggies stop and take control and allow Elisa to hang herself. Pauly I think your great and keep up the great work..Every one screws up says:

    It is all about money and what you can get out of people and…I do feel sad for the men on so many levels and woman just wanting them for there money and not for love and that is a shame woman are only looking for a sugar daddy and always looking to line there pockets and many blood sucking leaches make there way to the show..How fake and what a shame.

  19. Patti is the skank queen of leeches….Heidi Fleiss is 2nd and they have a great deal in common including heritage!

  20. Casonia...I really love the fact that Will and Paul are strong and Jennifer is a close minute behind them but her down fall is not liking italian food and every one in the world loves that and if she hates that type of food..Meaning she is not going to be says:

    Blood sucking Bitchs are on that show looking for money and if a man likes you…You can trap him and take him for everything but why is money a factor and why does the man have to be rich and…I think it is wrong to fall for a mans money and his pocket book unless this woman are looking for some one to take care of!

  21. Casonia...I really love the fact that Will and Paul are strong and Jennifer is a close minute behind them but her down fall is not liking italian food and every one in the world loves that and if she hates that type of food..Meaning she is not going to be says:

    Good Pimp making money off Romance and…SHE GOT A GOOD JOB AND SHE GETS PAID FOR IT AND SHE IS TAKING CARE OF HERSELF AND RUNNING AROUND GETTING MILLIONAIRES MARRIED and This man don’t have time to get woman on there own and…I have seen the show before and can’t understand why a good looking man can’t get the woman on there own.

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