Snoop Dogg has a new obsession – Charlie Sheen. His friends were amazed when Snoop became fascinated by Charlie as soon as they met, and insisted Charlie come along and hang out with him at Trousdale where he was set to perform. The two guys only had eyes for each other in a private back room. They puffed some weed and talked endlessly – not about drugs- but about politics, war, California laws, unemployment etc. Snoop was SO into Charlie he had to be dragged onstage to sing. The two have become best buddies. It’s nice to know Charlie has a friend. Since Charlie bombed in his first show in Detroit, we’re betting Snoop will fly in and bail him out ASAP.


  1. His saga is too strange for words. The fact that the last gasps of his self-destructing career are being witnessed live and in person is somehow fitting.

  2. If this was really just performance art like a Kaufman sort of put on then Charlie would have an exit strategy. You can’t cheat 10,000 people live night after night without serious ego damage.
    He is about to find out where his shit is really at with peoples perception of him.
    Pink Floyd live it ain’t.

  3. Charlie is demented. All those years of doing drugs has completely destroyed his brain and ability to think rationally. I would say he’s in the early stages of Alzheimer’s. The first clue was the fact that he misplaced his watch then when batshit accusing the hooker of taking it. Old people do that all the time.

  4. You’re all 100% correct. His “show” was a HUGE bomb and I look for the rest of them to somehow be canceled and refunded, which is the RIGHT thing to do and would be the only saving grace to whatever is left of ol CS. He needs to do the decent thing and not scam anybody else and return the money from the first “show”. That nasty crack he made to the guy from the stage about having already got the sucker’s money was beyond nasty and uncalled for. Charlie is proving he is a soulless bastard and he better watch out because he doesn’t know who he’s pissing off out there in those hoards of “crazed followers”. People don’t like to be cheated, jerked around, and made fools of. he’s doing to the public now exactly what he did to his team on his show. Bend over everybody and smile!

  5. Why does anybody want to pay good money to watch a mentally ill person on stage? He’s not a stand up comedian, they act like that was what it was going to be

  6. In all seriousness, I feel that most the public got exactly what they wanted. There are people that went there to see him stumble and fail miserably. They got the show they wanted but still wanted their money back.

    One of my guilty pleasures was 2.5 Men. What an incrediblely talented cast. I enjoyed each and everyone of them. I heard they made Jon Cryer’s character less lovable because Charlie thought he was getting too popular. Who knows? Although, I am a fan of all of them.

    I wonder if it was the drugs or the stress or both that brought on Charlie Sheen’s mental illness? If you think about it, there are others out there that are mental ill (by whatever means) and are functioning at about 80% and somehow getting by with it. Charlie is a functioning mentally ill person that needs medication and maybe a week or two rest in a hospital facility. Look at Courtney Love. I think her mental issues are a direct result from her crappy childhood. What about Randy Quaid? He has a long long history of bullying and lying. He seems to be getting worse and worse and yet, he is functioning somehow. There are so many others out there celebrity and non-celebrity that are functioning fruitcakes and need medical help.

    I would love to know why Charlie (especially him) and Brooke are not required to have a mental evaluation before being with any of his children. ???? We all know something is wrong. Even his dad, Martin Sheen, spoke of wishing Charlie “clarity”. Aren’t they concerned for the welfare of the little children?

    Hope he can get the necessary help he needs and soon.

  7. Hopefully Mr. and Mrs. Martin Sheen have hired someone to tape Charlie’s “shows” as evidence for their application for a conservatorship/guardianship.

    And what kind of friends/business managers/handlers does this guy have who would enable him by lining up a tour based on the ramblings of a man who is clearly going off the rails?

  8. For weeks, Charlie has been on a non-stop spinning wheel, talking and being just about everywhere. I can easily believe that when something out of the ordinary scope of things get attention, it is human nature to see how far it can go, but it is a better idea to stay out of the way when a fire is blazing,or a siren is going off. The idea that people who under the most normal of circumstances would Never even consider purchasing a ticket to a show or performance unless they were familiar with the performer as an artist that they could sing along or laugh along with. The idea that promoters would give Charlie so many shows without the benefit of at least seeing the 1st show and reviews were like inviting the public to see the meltdown equivalent of Death riding on a Lifesaver. Charlie was in No mental shape to obligate himself to do all of these shows, and the brutal reviews and the anger of the audiences that he is insulting, and jeering, by informing them that he already has their money when he is a multi-millionaire is Not going to make his tour any easier, and hanging out in the “Wacky Weed World” of Snoop Dogg is Not the best influence that he can be under. Just because Snoop is able to do his “mind altering thing” does Not mean that Charlie can press a pause button to keep up with Snoop’s out-there straight talk. It is Not too late for Charlie to accept help from family and friends who mean him well. Look how far Robert Downing Jr. has come from the roller coaster, winding curves that he was traveling on just a few short years ago. To make a long story* longer, I second the emotion that Charlie gets some much Needed Help, and Rest,and Soon. PEACE!!

  9. The tickets were clearly printed with “no refund” caveat. One, maybe two more shows, and Charlie’s done, fried, cooked.

  10. I believe Robert Downey Jr was just having a drug issue and didn’t or doesn’t have a mental problem. Once you get clean, your problem goes away.
    Charlie, on the other hand, obviously has a HUGE mental problem, very much obviously bi-polar if not more. Add to that drug and alcohol problems. Downey NEVER made a spectical of himself in public and his only enemy was himself until he got clean, Charlie, even clean will still have major issues to deal with because he is delusional and think he’s is somehow God’s gift to the entertainment world. NOT! I have NEVER found him entertaining or particularly good, in fact, irritating and a really good reason to change channels. Too bad for Jon Cryer. Dude’s gotta get a better gig.

  11. Yawn.
    Snoop,a ghetto Valley Boy and Sheen a cracked out Hollywood kid are a perfect match.Two very down low closet cases.

    Everybody knows pimps and those who claim to be pimps, are bisexual/gay their misogyny is a farce. Men who place knives to the throats of their twins mother (Charlie) truly hate women.

    El perfecto. When does this bitch, er, I mean, “song” drop?

  12. Hey Reta. I had completely forgotten about Robert Downey’s drug issues. He has come a long long way and done incredible well. I wouldn’t ever consider him crazy either.

    Clearly Charlie Sheen’s mental issues are are not being addressed and he needs help.

  13. @Reta:
    When you are right, you are right!!
    When Robert Downing Jr.’s name was mention,it was
    with the comparison of being seen so many different times standing in front of a judge, looking bewildered,and with complete disappointment in himself. As you stated, there was Not so much of a mental issue as with Charlie’s present behavior. There were other comparisons of other “late celebrities” but because they ended in drug related deaths, there was a better comfort zone using the name of Downing Jr.,someone who has survived the uncertain drama of ill responsible behavior as seen through the headlines,and has continued to do “well” for himself regarding personal life and career.
    I enjoy reading the views of others, even if their opinions, or comments are not the same as my sentiments. Often times there can be a happy medium between the two different views.

  14. Casonia..Hells Kitchen would all be about holding your tongue and..Listening and gather understanding in the direction he wants to take you..Learning his food and being gone for 8 weeks! says:

    Smoking the weed yes indeed. SORRY CHARLIE THE TRUTH IS OUT.

  15. Casonia..Hells Kitchen would all be about holding your tongue and..Listening and gather understanding in the direction he wants to take you..Learning his food and being gone for 8 weeks! says:


  16. Casonia..Hells Kitchen would all be about holding your tongue and..Listening and gather understanding in the direction he wants to take you..Learning his food and being gone for 8 weeks! says:

    Good to open your mind and try new things and snoop is wonderful and… LOVES HIS MUSIC ALWAYS AND FOREVER LINKED TO TWO-PAC?

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