spice2cut.jpgThe Spice Girls may not be selling out EVERYWHERE, but they had a very enthusiastic full house at the Staples Center last Wednesday. An observer told us that the center of attention in the audience was the VIP box where Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes sat with Suri and David Beckham and his kids. Assorted offspring and friends of the other Spice girls were also in the box section. They were a festive group – at one point David bought ten cotton candies for all the delighted children. Our source says the audience was made up of “basically ten females (of all ages) to every gay man. Plus a sprinkling of drag queens. Many fans dressed as their favorite Spice Girl. Our spy said ” The crowd loved the colorful, lively show with “something for everybody” – they got their money’s worth.”

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  1. JCha – azzhole Ike Turner just died …the Spice Girls are zzzzzzzzzzz.

  2. This is certainly not anything new or “gossip worthy” This is crap force fed to people for $150 per ticket. Please report on something we don’t know.

  3. David, cotton candy? Some dentists will be very happy.
    Pure sugar, teeth rotting. Little rich kids shouldn’t get everything they want. Sugar for the kids…spice for the soon defunct (again) spice girls.

  4. omg, have you seen VB ‘dance’?
    wtf, she has manipulated every one into believing she is talented at something, just not sure what. DB could have done better.

  5. Quit your envy.. the spice girls have what it takes to entertain and they live a nicer life than most singers out there.

  6. Tom Cruise is after David not the girls. Dreary Katie is hoping she-Tom connects with his boyfriend and gets out of her life as soon as possible.

  7. They’re virtually talentless and their music sucks ass. They signified the end of good music in the 90s.

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