This brand new publicity photo for the Spice Girls reunion is fascinating in many ways. First of all, every one of the girls looks FLAWLESS and impossibly young. They look almost nothing like the candid photos we’ve seen of them lately- slightly bedraggled, with their babies on the street. Also we can’t imagine how all five girls EVER agreed on the final photo. Maybe they took five separate but flattering photos and put them together. Apparently Posh Spice was miffed because they airbrushed out her neck tattoo and left Scary Spice’s arm tattoo on display.

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  1. These women are hagged out moms. ANYONE who buys a ticket to this farce tour in desperate and pathetic. They have pre-announced that they will be lip syncing. As soon as these hags go out on tour, the men in their lives, will be cheatin with much younger, hotter women. In the case of becks, he is already bagin his way through the whores in California.

  2. The airbrushers all got Carpal Tunnel Syndrome trying to make these whores look good.

  3. I think you nailed it: it sure looks like a composite photo to me!

  4. Please, these “singers” wouldn’t pose together unless a big paycheck was involved, and they are all airbrushed to look as alien as Posh, who is the Queen Of The Drones.

  5. Just another example of publicity photos not really being photos.

  6. Always hated them, they’re everything that’s wrong about the music scene today! And I blame them and Madonna for lowering the standards for singers everywhere!

  7. ALL promo pics and magazine pictures are airbrushed within an inch of their lives. Why single this one out, nobody looks like their pictures these days.

  8. they are fake but posh is a total fox! wow what gal!

  9. Hee hee. The celeb pics these days look more like old fashioned oil paintings than actual photos. It’s like the tacky art Saddam had in his palaces. You can tell its been pasted together from 5 diff pics – they would never even be in the same room together. But people are missing the point – this is the sort of silly vanity and excess that we love about celebrities.

  10. First of all, they are not THAT OLD!
    they are in their early to mid thirties i believe.
    So they are not a hundred.
    Secondly, i am glad they are going to tour again. They were very cute in 1997-98, and i am glad they are bringing their act back!

  11. I just happened to notice that the movie Spice World was on tv today and having been ‘lucky’ enough to miss it originally I thought I would take a look. My God, they were worse than I even remembered them. It made me ashamed to call myself English. Can’t sing, can’t act and they look and sound like a bunch of trollops. I don’t know how Victoria has the audacity to call herself ‘Posh’ spice. Maybe it is because she is called Victoria that she thinks she has a connection to class.

  12. what IDIOT is putting up the money for this trainweck ?
    NO ONE is going to purchase ANYTHING from these no-talents !!!!
    they were famous for 2 minutes, and they’ve been over with EVER SINCE.

  13. Madonna puts out good music. Britney Spears is a fakeass fraud. Posh is an idiot. Hate everything she represents.

  14. I agree, Madonna puts out some good songs, but she’s overexposed. I said I blamed her because she was the first to incorporate so much choreography into her act that she required backing tracks and lipsynched throughout her shows. Now everyone’s doing it.

  15. I think they’ve been airbrushed like every model and celebrity in a magazine and for outside events they turn to Botox. I wish I could afford all of it!

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