Will Ferrell can breathe a big sigh of relief because “The Others Guys” is set to be number one at the boxoffice this weekend. Opening day was 13.2 million and that’s expected to reach over 35 million by Monday. Will had a lot to lose because his last movie “Land of the Lost” (a real stinker) was a monumental flop. Salary negotiations for his upcoming films depended on how “The Other Guys” fared this weekend. Now his CAA agents can demand top dollar for Will again. Insiders agree that the fact that Will and Mark Wahlberg went all over the country to promote the movie made a big difference. They even had an online contest and the Galaxy theater in Chesterfield, Missouri won the honor of having a second red carpet premier of the film with the stars in attendance. (photo above)

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  1. Comics, comedians and comic actors are just the smart ass jokesters who made people laugh in high school, at parties, etc., and somehow managed to parlay that into a career. They all get boring after a while, and grate on the public’s nerves. Ferrell may be up this time, but he will be down again, and eventually out.

    Comedy – and especially schtick – gets dated real fast.

  2. i loved will screaming SANTA!!!! in Elf, I liked some of his stuff on SNL but he is NOT that funny in hardly ANY of his movies. why he, kevin james, adam sandler, owen wilson, seth rogan and the other dolts on SNL all mostly suck SO BIG. how these guys get movies made and why they are paid obscene amts of money for them is beyond my comprehension.

    mel brook movies; HILARIOUS
    Marx Bros. Hilarious
    Woody Allen Hilarious
    Harvey Korman Hilarious
    Gene Wilder Hilarious
    Dom Deluise Hilarious
    previously mentioned idiots NOT HILARIOUS…..juvenile if anything, BAH.
    i know i left out the ladies but i am tired.
    tho i will miss Gilda Radner for 500 lifetimes…..RIP BunnyBunny You are adored and missed deliberately….. Madeline Kahn, also…..too many to name.

  3. It is beyond me why Americans attend this Man’s films. They are all truly horrid rubbish.

  4. Steve Martin is a genius.

    Will Farrell and company appeal to the lowest common demoninator of the population, i.e., people who could barely make it through high school. That’s 75% of the population.

  5. Bettye: I thoroughly agree. Steve Martin is the genius of comedy, and he doesn’t have to work at it like so many of these shallow ones now. It’s just in his DNA to be natural and funny. ‘Planes, trains and automobiles…and…’The Jerk’..are two of his best.

  6. Bluejay and Indy.

    Ferrell had some funny moments, but it is wearing thin. Watching him at times is like watching a YouTube Puppy or Kitten video. I mean, it is funny-cute, but do I want to watch this for two hours???

    Martin is a genius. Loved The Jerk, Planes, Train and Automobiles, etc., but to date I think his best products have been L.A. Story and his novella Shop Girl. WOW!!!

  7. The only thing laughable about Will Ferrell is how overrated he is.

  8. this is the proof.
    …………and ofcouse this “wil farewell”!!

  9. Will Ferrell’s Funny or Die video, “The Landlord” is the funniest thing he’s done in years. And he’s not the funny one, the landlord is. Does he run around in his underwear in this movie, like he does in all his other movies? Been there, done that…

  10. Steve Martin was funny, but “The Jerk” was made in 1979 and “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” was released in 1987. He has never topped either one of those films.

  11. That movie was so painful to watch. Although it had a few, very few funny moments, I couldn’t believe this could be a box office smash. I would rate it a C-

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