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Megan Fox made a surprise appearance at her former fiancé Machine Gun Kelly’s recent 34th birthday party. Many people were surprised because they assumed their relationship was over after they called off their engagement. We know that the couple are still together for now, working on the relationship with therapy sessions a few times a week. Their engagement is still on pause and they’re not technically in a committed relationship, but couple’s counseling is helping them decide whether they should stay together and work toward marriage or go their separate ways.

Blast from the past, Delta Burke, made a surprise appearance on the Glamorous Trash podcast and while she dished the dirt on what happened with her exit from Designing Women , what she didn’t reveal is that CBS is working on a reunion movie, bringing back Delta, Jean Smart and Annie Potts. We know that the tentative script has them reuniting in Atlanta for the funeral of Julia Sugarbaker played by the late Dixie Carter. It’s not a done deal yet, but if the stars align the funny women will be back in Atlanta making us laugh.

Catch and kill has been in the news a lot this week thanks to Donald Trump’s ongoing criminal trial in New York City. Former National Enquirer honcho David Pecker testified how the tabloids make deals to purchase unfavorable stories about certain celebrities and not print them in exchange for cooperation from the celebrity. Our longtime work with the tabloids certainly made us familiar with this concept and while we weren’t there when the Trump agreement was hashed out, we can share this juicy tidbit. Decades ago the Enquirer made a similar deal with Bill Cosby – in exchange for not publishing stories about his wandering eye, Cosby provided the tabloid with exclusive interviews and information for years.

David Beckham made the news twice this week. First when he posted a video to his social media of The Spice Girls reuniting to honor of Victoria Beckham‘s 50th birthday. His second headline was his $18.8 million lawsuit against Mark Wahlberg and his fitness company F 45. Here’s what we know about both stories… Not only did the Spice Girls reunite for Victoria’s birthday, but they’re planning to perform together at next year‘s Grammy awards as they are set to be honored. As for the lawsuit, we’re hearing that it’s going to get ugly unless it gets settled quickly. David is confiding to pals he has some sort of smoking gun, but he’s not revealing exactly what it is!

And finally, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce were vacationing in Carmel, California, this week but rest and relaxation weren’t the only reasons they were there. We can tell you this: The couple is looking to put down roots in California outside of Los Angeles, where Taylor already has a home. In addition to the Carmel and nearby Monterey area, they are also considering Santa Barbara. They are looking for a coastal community where they can settle down and raise a family. We heard that was the REAL reason they spent time up there and plan to visit Santa Barbara in the near future as well.

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For years, Mark Wahlberg (known as Marky Mark at the time) was the most adored Calvin Klein men’s underwear model. Many macho and gorgeous models came and went, but Wahlberg was most remembered. This year, Jeremy Allen White put Mark Wahlberg in the rear view mirror. (  Jeremy’s sexy photos were a huge surprise (he’s never been one to flash his pecs) and The Bear star is suddenly bombarded by lustful women. It’s a refreshing change – Jeremy is endearingly short, his looks are off-beat and appealing, and his ego seems to be under control. No wonder he’s attracting so much attention – oh and he’s nice to fans …(see photo above)


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Mark Wahlberg recently revealed that he wasn’t quite sure how long he would continue acting, but who knew he was pivoting to bartending! On October 19, Mark attended the opening of The Pendry Hotel in Newport Beach, California, and he played bartender for the who’s who of Orange County. Here’s the backstory: Mark is a longtime friend of the owner of the property so he flew in from Las Vegas and agreed to bartend at the event to surprise the guests. Here’s what you won’t read anywhere else – Mark is in talks with the owners to partner with them and open up Pendry Hotel in Las Vegas, where he lives now.

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Mark Wahlberg is planning some major renovations… to his church! Mark, his wife and kids relocated from Beverly Hills to Las Vegas late last year (those California taxes!) and while he’s enjoying his new life in Sin City he misses his former Beverly Hills church. Mark was a devout parishioner of Church of the Good Shepherd, a Spanish revival style Catholic church built in 1923. The church he now attends in Vegas is newer and lacks the vintage charm and character of his former one. An insider says that Mark has privately offered to foot the bill to transform the Vegas church into something more opulent, with ornate wood carvings, marble statues and antique chandeliers.


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Mark Wahlberg recently made waves showing off his sculpted physique during a holiday vacation in Barbados. The 51-year-old actor admits to waking up at 2:30am most days to start his fitness regime – but what he’s NOT revealing is that he keeps his body looking picture perfect thanks to professional manscaping. According to a friend, Mark has an aesthetician groom the hair on his chest, arms and legs! The pal says that Mark is quite particular- he likes a few hairs in the middle of his nipples and well as a straight line of hair from his belly button down. He also prefers his arm and leg hair evenly clipped. “He takes his body hair as seriously as the hair on his head,” the friend says.

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All of a sudden Halle Berry is in Hyde Park in London filming Our man From Jersey with Mark Wahlberg. The film is described as a big budget action thriller for Netflix. Apparently Mark came up with the story and had it written for himself. That makes us wonder if Halle has a very significant role. Netflix happens to be very fond of both Mark and Halle. The plot is a big secret but it’s described vaguely as a “blue collar James Bond.” Halle’s hair looks pretty terrific so surely she’ll steal some scenes from Mark…

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He should know better than to pose with a truly adorable dog- Mark Wahlberg is nearly invisible in this photo. That furry face! It was only last year during the BLM protests that Wahlberg foolishly posted a photo of George Floyd online, along with sympathetic comments. Outraged readers immediately brought up Wahlberg’s own history of racially motivated hate crimes that he committed as a teenager. In fact, they take up four paragraphs on his Wikipedia page. Wahlberg immediately took down the George Floyd pic and stayed under the radar for awhile. A short time later, Wikipedia changed the title of “Hate Crimes” on Wahlberg’s Wikipedia page to “Racial Incidents.”

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The Wahlberg family is in Barbados for the holidays and Mark’s wife Rhea Durham feels right at home on the beach because she grew up in Florida. Mark and his model wife celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary this summer and they have four kids together. Rhea put her own career on hold, but is SO supportive of her husband’s career that she created a stir a few years ago when she made a complaint online to People magazine. They had just named Chris Hemsworth Sexiest Man Alive, and she thought Mark should have won! We love this photo because a tiny bird (hummingbird?) flew by just as the paparazzi clicked (it’s right at Rhea’s cleavage and she seems oblivious)

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Overnight the Most Hated Man in Hollywood has redeemed himself! (Somewhat) Mark Wahlberg proved how he earned that Forbes title Most Overpaid Actor. Little did he know when he pocketed 1.5 million for reshoots for All the Money in the World that the paycheck would come back to haunt him. The movie’s star Michelle Williams did the reshoots for less than $1000 and the director assumed that everyone volunteered to work the reshoots free. When the news leaked that Wahlberg (whose contribution to the movie is debatable) was SO overpaid – both he, and the talent agency representing BOTH Mark and Michelle, looked REALLY BAD. Frightened lawyers announced today that Mark is donating his $1.5 million to the Time’s Up fund in Michelle Williams’ name and the talent agency is donating half a million in her name. Smart move.

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Mark Wahlberg, 46, should be one of the happiest guys in Hollywood – not only is he married to a former Victoria’s Secret model, and they have four healthy kids, but, according to Forbes, he was the “Highest Paid Actor in Hollywood” last year – earning 68 million dollars! The only downside is that he was also named the “Most Overpaid Actor in Hollywood” because his movies weren’t all that profitable. (The list of overpaid actors is long but there are very few overpaid actresses – because they are paid LESS.) Anyway, Mark and his family are frolicking in the ocean in Barbados and he still has that pained look on his face…

Mark and wife Rhea Durham, 39, looked affectionate on the beach

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