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Madonna makes an interesting contrast with her eccentric style featuring one pants leg tucked into an argyle sock, alongside her actors in period fashions from the 1930’s. She’s become a familiar sight on the streets of London where she’s filming much of her Duke of Windsor/Wallis Simpson movie “W.E.” Oops, and here comes Lourdes – featuring an equally unusual bottom half.



  1. The coverage of Mad Madge and Lourdes is making me start to like, if not them, then their style.

    It is nice to see that the California Casual clones – with their nasty extensions, tank tops & minis and Look-at-Me (often pooch-stuffed) designer bags – are fading into fashion history. Madge, Lourdes, Gaga, Katy Perry are marking a return to more daring and [slightly] more original style.


  2. Madonna is doing nothing but selling/pimping her daughter. Folks, she soon will be 14 and already that clothing line? Who are they trying to fool? The idea and hard work belong to ppl behind that and the “creative” stars just take advantage of that. Sick!

  3. Yep, Lourdes’ left wrist sports that Kabbalah red string bracelet. All the rest of the ugliness doesn’t matter.

  4. One pant leg rolled up is very old street gang style. The baggy pants she wore recently must have been her “jailers.”

  5. XYZ, it is the way of the world. Why slam celebs while participating in much more incidious economic activity. Show at Walmart recently?

  6. btw, I read a biography of the Duke & Duchess of Windsor. They were incredibly obnoxious, selfish, entitled, worthless excuses for human beings. Supporting these wastrels was another unnecessary burden on the taxpaying Brits.

  7. They both look ridiculous. The old bat in the fur looks better than either one of these jackasses.

  8. Sebastian Canada, mind ur own business and swallow the crap media feeds u. I know more about this industry that u will ever know in 100 years. MADONNA is blabbing everywhere about the strict rules of the kabbalah being respected in her home, but – double standard at work – she doesnt hesitate to sell her own child one way or another. Gimme and urself a break!

  9. I guess they are bringing back the court jester look….UGH! Madonna you are an old hag….just let go and embrace your age.

  10. just trying to look like an IMBECILE,
    …………is american for sure!!

  11. XYZ, you sound like a thirteen year old, and obviously do not know what you are talking about. What exactly do you know about the business, business in general, or economics?

    Even if, as some assert (and I do not deny these assertions,) people like Madonna pimp their own kids out, etc., it is not as vile and insidious as what companies like Walmart – which have destroyed whole communities, driven down wages across North America, and acted like the mafia when dealing with suppliers – have done.

    Do you shop at Walmart? Consistently buy products made in China (made by wage-slaves, if not actual prisoners)? Go out and buy lots of cheap stuff instead of shopping where you can get quality and service, and products that last more than one season? Yes? Shut the F**k up then.

  12. So Sebastian, you hate America because you hate Walmart? That’s the dumbest thing I ever heard. I guess I should despise your country because you stuck us with Avril Lavigne and Nickeback. Fuck off.

  13. “Madonna and Lourdes Great minds think alike” — Please, the woman has had complete control over her since she was in utero. I don’t know how desperate and nuts you have to be to listen in to your kids’ phone calls, let alone anything worse.

    Let go of your ridiculous compulsions, let go of tightly controlling and scheduling and micromanaging everything about your daughter, stop trying to live through her, and stand back and let her become her own person! She is not your property! (Or should not be, but rich people can get away with a lot)

    Funny, Madonna would not for a split second have stood for the kind of treatment she makes her own daughter routinely put up with. What a hypocrite.

  14. Sorry, this would have better been put in the Lourdes fashion/school/micromnanaged article.

  15. MADONNA was last relevant back in 1984. Why are we discussing her banale existence?

  16. Oh just consider this:


    and consider this:

    Followers of the uber-false cult of Kabbalah will split hell wide open, same with Scientology, Islam

    and consider this: I bought a purse for $8.47 at Wal-Mart and have gotten 9 or 10 compliments on it. I also bought a watch there for $12.00 and it fell apart in 2 weeks. It’s all relative.

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