Kim Kardashian and her family just don’t seem to care about making a good impression on her bridegroom Kris Humphries’ family. Not only was the Humphries family barely seen in the Kardashian wedding extravaganza show, but the Kardashians failed to arrange wedding transportation for the groom’s family. According to our pal and fellow gossip CJ at the Star Tribune, Kim was heard whining about Kris’s “hickish” Minnesota hometown and she snidely criticized the decor at Kris’s Minnetonka home – which HIS MOTHER had decorated. And Khloe, of all people, compared Kris to Frankenstein. Why the Kardashians have so little regard for the Humphries is not known, but it doesn’t bode well for this marriage – Kris is very close to his family.



  1. You didnt hear ? Your fashion idol Kimmie filmed a porno with Moesha’s little brother.In this film(in which she talks to the camera)she gets cornholed and without wiping it sucks her own feces off his johnson.She swallows by the way. She then got in the bathtub and filmed herself getting pissed on(on face and in mouth).This act of depravity got much buzz. She then sold the tape for 5 million dollars without the golden shower scene. It had served its purpose. Harvey Levin saw the unedited version. EWWWWWW! you’re a stupid ignorant fat dump!

  2. As is well known, Kim has had more varieties of dark meat than any jewish deli.

  3. Terri you need to get out more if you’ve never heard of her sex tape. Go to E! Online (not that this isn’t my favorite site). Every time a picture of Kim K is shown (and they’re shown often because of course E! made the Kardashians) the comments are absolutely ruthless including one regular who provides a really graphic description of her sex tape.

    Oh, and tom, I understand how upset you would be about the loss of your friend, Ron Goldman. After all the publicity and trial coverage, he and Nicole seem to have gotten lost in the shuffle, although they are the ones that should be remembered.

  4. Thank goodness I don’t have to turn them off since I never watched them to begin with.

  5. True, both she and J Lo have been ass fucked multiple times by multiple BLACK men.

  6. Kardashian Family Values? Does that include grandma (and other family members) using the “F” word in front of Mason? Filthy sex talk in front of young impressionable girls like Kylie and Kendall? I don’t believe people “hate” the Kardashians/Jenners – some just don’t respect them. The family is famous for Kim’s sex tape which is graphic (see other posts here) and for which she still benefits financially – that’s supporting pornography. The entire family flaunts their wealth while many Americans are suffering – there are no reports of charitable works. Their father helped OJ Simpson, a murderer, get off free yet they portray him as a god. Regarding the recent report on their increasing wealth, those who support the family’s efforts have only themselves to blame. To me, this family represents the Trashing of America and they are not the only ones to blame – Kendra, Holly, Jersey Shore.. the list goes on.

  7. If you don’t like the Kardashians don’t watch the show. Don’t buy their products. E-mail the shopping channels that hawk their merchandise -let them know you’ll be boycotting K. products and the channel too.Same with the manufacturers of products they endorse like Kris Jenner and the adult incontinence pads (heard they’re not airing it due to negative feedback).The backlash is starting. I shouldn’t even by clicking on here but it’s worth it.

  8. Like I said, they pander to the lowest common denominator…our young folk.
    It should be a crime.

  9. Kim or J Lo would be appropriate hawkers of adult diapers, as without major anal surgery they will be wearing them in a few years.

    Andre certainly will, if he lives that long.

  10. tom,

    “Harvey Levin saw the unedited version. EWWWWWW! you’re a stupid ignorant fat dump!”


    Thanks for explaining to me that it was part of the sex tape of kim. I have heard about it but never saw it (or wanted to) and never heard what she did or didn’t do on it.

    I don’t understand the part about Harvey. Did Harvey Levin call Kim Kardashian an ignorant fat dump? What a mean thing to say about another person.

  11. Denise,

    Thanks for your help. : ) I had heard of Kim’s sex tape but never saw it or heard anything about what specifically was in it.

  12. Kitty, I have never watched it either, but don’t have Cable. But if I had Cable, I would not watch it. So, I am sooo glad I don’t have Cable, otherwise I might accidentally tune them in and barf. What I know of the “K” clan, however, is just downright nasty and unbelievable. They are riding so high on the money making now , they are surely due for a fall. Maybe the fake marriage to Kris will somehow bring it about. Let’s hope so anyway. In the meantime, Bruce Jenner always looks utterly confused and beaten down. 🙁

  13. blind item from online

    This Reality Star is not making friends with her in laws. She is getting the major magazine covers without her husband…almost as if who cares about him it’s all about you! ??????????????

  14. Harvey Levin call Kim Kardashian an ignorant fat dump? ?????????


    That’s just strange.

  15. @Strom: who’s Andre?

    By the way strom, there’s a photo of Kim K riding a camel on E!Online. I’m sure it will make your day.

  16. tom,

    Harvey Levin called Kim a stupid ignorant fat dump?


    That just doesn’t sound right to me. You must have misunderstood. Either that or he was kidding around.

  17. I still think it was Andre the Giant. Can’t you imagine that big ole boy coming at you with love in his eyes!!!! LOL!!!!

  18. Back to the original post by Janet…Kris H. was totally controlled/managed by his father. It makes sense that he would find a “spouse” and family to do the same. Unfortunately, Kris H. will be growing up the hard way. Maybe it’s the only way he can learn to make decisions on his own, after he gets really fed up with the abuse the bordello family dishes out to Kris and his family.

  19. Thanks Taylor, but Andre the Giant died a few years ago.

    Strom mentioned an Andre, and he clearly means the androgynous model.

  20. You like that androgynous model, don’t you Strom!
    It’s okay, we understand you’re conflicted.

  21. Denise, Yeah, I know he’s dead. I think she (Strom) might not care.

  22. Andre the Giant died back in 1993. He was only 46 years old when he left Strom a widow.

  23. Tom, I’m sorry you lost your friend Ron and that Nicole was also murdered at the hands of that lying rat bastard OJ. If it’s any consolation, I was convinced from the very beginning that the cold blooded OJ did it. I never had anything but contempt for his whole “dream team” of lawyers, including the skunk. I’ve always said that defense attorneys are just like prostitutes-if you pay them enough, they’ll do and say anything. Bottom feeders!

  24. Kardashian is receiving some belated payback for his OJ relationship by several of his daughters being married to or serially boned by an assortment of BLACK men.

  25. kardashinians are white trash with money,that marriage is not going to last.

  26. Can someone inform the old Nazi called ‘Strom’ that Kris Humphries is also part African-American and PROUD OF IT. Yours sincerely, a friend of the Humphries.

  27. Didn’t work out too well for bi-racial Kris did it? His next relationship didnt work out too well either, it seems.

    He must also be very stupid in marrying a woman who has been boned by more BLACK men than can be counted on both hands. He is being played for a fool by the K family who have not an ounce of class among them.

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