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Don’t worry about Sarah Larson – she’s getting along just fine – thank you! When George Clooney breaks up with girlfriendS, he takes CARE of them. Gentleman George makes sure they have a decent place to live, a car to drive, and he gives them plenty of money to make up for time they spent not working. They start their new solo lives with security and confidence. The fame they gained from being with him gives them an edge career-wise. THAT’ S why his exgirlfriends don’t sell stories or write books about George.

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  1. I think thats very smart of him. no bad break ups. Theres something about her..i think we are gonna see her on some reality show or something. Mark my words.

  2. To “the Real Art Chic”…Sarah was on Fear Factor…she’s done the reality thing already…

  3. To “the Real Art Chic”…Sarah was on Fear Factor…she’s done the reality thing already…

  4. Is it because George is such a nice and considerate guy that he breaks up with the girls in such a decent manner? Or is it really just hush money? I find it very interesting. I’ve never thought George Clooney is gay, but I’m beginning to wonder.

  5. 2 things we now know: (1)Sarah knew they would break up eventually and that he would pay her off to keep her mouth shut. (2) George may be dabbling in the other side, and most likely he is. His activities with women are just too strange.

  6. George is gay and always has been. I know someone who knows his family.
    And they have a word for that type of woman, who takes money for not working, uh prostitute comes to mind

  7. Everyone has stolen my thunder! SO I can’t post, “that’s what GAY MEN do for their BEARDS!”
    Heck, she even got new boobs from him, so they say.

  8. I cant believe how stupid you people sound. You believe actually believe this stuff youre writing thats whats so sad.

  9. Oh yeah, Sarah just looks heartbroken. I think they had an agreement as to how long this ‘relationship’ would last. More and more I am beginning to wonder if the amazing George is gay. Hey, National Enquirer, get on the case; sooner or later he will slip up and get caught french-kissing a faggot.

  10. Hmmm…buys cars, provides housing, gives the girls money. Sounds like alimony…or prostitution. Heh.

  11. They don’t write tell alls because they’re basically paid not to.

  12. Those shoes that Sarah Larson has on are gorgeous! Who makes them? Can mere mortals afford them?

  13. Sarah always looked like George Clooney’s daughter on his arm at all the red carpet events.
    I know that it shouldn’t be about age, but the difference was odd looking in their case.

  14. He’s as gay as they come. That’s why he pays them off. To save his career, he’ll take a girlfriend and after awhile, they “break up”.
    It’s totally a sham. He likes the “he’s single again” PR, but in reality, he’s as a queer as a three dollar bill.
    Everyone in Hollywood knows this.

  15. I’m really surprised George has not come out of the closet. He seems to be an honorable man who should not want to deal in such bs.
    People love him and it wouldn’t hurt his work. Sad he can’t be true to himself and his fans.

  16. I’d rather be a Hollywood beard than get down on my knees for every director and producer that’s casting for a picture. Then you get powerful enough to call the shots without, you know… Immediately coming to mind as great beards are John Travolta’s wife Kelly Preston (who also used to date George, don’t forget!), Penelope Cruz and Nicole Kidman. Sure beats working at Taco Bell.

  17. What you are saying is she was paid for services rendered. She is a HOOKER.

  18. coming out ruins your career. gays are always typecast. george wouldn’t get roles like oceans 11 or michael clayton if he came out. if you disagree, think of any openly gay actor/actress and tell me what kind of roles they are offered.

  19. sarah is an attention-whore!!THAT’S THE WHOLE THING FOLKS!!

  20. Sarah was afforded a one year contract to accompany Mr. Clooney. This is well known in Hollywood circles as is the contractual relationship between Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon.

  21. Don’t believe he’s gay to be honest. However let’s face it him and Sarah were never serious…it was just a fling.
    She’ll be cashing in now, left, right and centre. She may not sell her story. But she’ll be doing deals for modelling work…she desperately wants to stay in the limelight.

  22. He gives them plenty of money to make up for not working? She was a cocktail waitress for God’s sake. I’m sure she missed her “career”

  23. I always thought the whole relationship was odd. For years he always said he never commented on his personal life–then Sarah is everywhere with him and he talked about her in every interview. I wonder if some scandal was about to erupt.

  24. She really has a very plain ordinary face, not what you would call outstandingly pretty. Hollyweird is a very strange place indeed. No one can understand it, even the ones there.

  25. Can anyone PROVE that George is gay, or is it just guys saying it who are jealous of him and it’s wishful thinking so their women won’t drool over him.

  26. I’m not a guy and I think he’s gay. Do you live in Hollyweird? That’s the word on the street. Lots of actors and actresses are gay, but won’t come out. It’s not shocking.

  27. I’m a woman and have met and spent about 25 minutes with Mr. Clooney. Until that moment, I thought he was straight. During that meeting, however (which was business related), I realized he was gay. .And no, it’s not because he didn’t hit on me and I’m so vain that I thought he would. Women can just tell when a guy plays for the other team, you know? Let’s just say he’s way nicer and more considerate of women than a straight guy!

  28. I wish George’s lover/lovers would come out and spill the scoop on Georgie, much like Clay Aiken’s and Lance Bass’s did. Faggots, please step forward and out him, and if you have a video of (you know) all the better. The National Enquirer will pay big bucks, and it’ll be the story of the year.

  29. Well, at least George still has that hot boyfriend to console him during this grieving period.

  30. She should use some of George’s money and get braces to fix those buckteeth/overbite. Then maybe she will be promoted to head cocktail waitress.

  31. Getting dumped does wonders for a career look at aniston and the pity factor, too bad she has no talent hopefully sara will do better.

  32. george is pulling a rock hudson but rock was better looking.

  33. George Clooney seems like an intelligent man and yet he goes out with women who don’t seem very educated. Nothing wrong with being a cocktail waitress except all his womem seem to be cut from the same mold. Hey George, there are some beautiful educated women out there…what’s your problem?

  34. He’s not gay ! He already has a new girlfriend with him in Italy. People just have a hard time believing that a man can be single and happy ! If you ask me, George is smarter than most people. Let’s face it, he WAS Married, realized he wasn’t good at it, and doesn’t want to do it again. He learned from his experience. Men are jealous because he has the life they all dream of – gorgeous, rich, single with women throwing themselves at him. Jealousy, people, just plain old jealousy !

  35. Debutante, just because he was married and dates many women doesn’t mean he’s not gay. Lots of gay men who don’t want to come out do those sorts of things. Many homosexuals date or marry the opposite sex when they can’t come to terms with their sexuality. Does Rock Hudson ring a bell or how about Montgomery Clift? Coming out ruins careers. Just ask those that did. Hollywood is homophobic!

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