Hollywood is speculating about why Eva Mendes checked herself into Cirque Lodge in Utah for substance abuse problems. Insiders say “Eva has always been cool, never overindulged in public” and the one thing she struggled with was her weight. Kirsten Dunst checked into the same rehab looking thin as a toothpick. Just about every female celebrity arrested from Paris to Nicole, Lindsay, along with Britney Spears, has had prescription Adderall (which is prescribed for ADHD) in her purse. In Hollywood this drug is not used for ADHD, it’s a form of Dexedrene and it keeps one awake while killing the appetite. (College students love it.) Pills are indiscriminately popped like aspirin day and night. Recently we’ve learned that they are very addictive and can cause all kinds of craziness. Just maybe, this explains why so many Hollywood women are having behavior problems

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  1. Like i aways said hollywood celebs are druggies and it’s ahame they have to have these pills to live . W hen taken long periods of time it will eventually play havoc on your body.

  2. I wish these talentless skanks would just OD. Hollywood has become a joke with these idiots.

  3. Adderal tends to make a person without ADD/ADHD rather shaky. I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and need at least 15 hours/day sleep. My doc prescribed Adderal to help keep me awake, and it even made an overly exhausted person like me shake (and the worst part was I still couldn’t stay awake!). I know others who abuse Adderal – Watch the hands – they tremor and pick at face and hair. But keep in mind it’s VERY effective when used for ADD/ADHD and can be very helpful for folks with extremely low blood pressure, chronic fatigue and dysautonomia. Too bad there are so many folks abusing it (not just in H’wood), along with narcotics that are so helpful for pain management. It makes it hard for sick folks to get the care they need.

  4. That’s quite a leap Janet, your assumption being that all women in Hollywood are taking Adderall . Do you take kickbacks from big pharm Janet?

  5. Better check your facts, eva appears to have recently had breast enhancement. rehab = new BOOBS

  6. These 2 hags have as they say…”been around the block a few times”. Now that Eva (or one of her lovers) has bought her some tits, when is Kirsten gonna plump up her thin lips. Satan and his demons must have their home-base in Tinseltown and probably have stock in the many re-hab centers there. A bunch of stupid rich idiots ruining their brains and bodies with drugs and booze.

  7. all of hollywood is full of druggies , it’s too easy for them too get medicine. how come you think they have so many rehabs place in hollywood.

  8. Dunst is in for heroine. She’s been seen buying pre-natal vitamins in the past, which apparently keep a druggie’s hair from falling out or something. I wish I had some Adderall, I’m hungry AND tired, 24/7. All my doctor prescribes is diet and exercise! Wish I had a nice short cut like the druggies get.

  9. The ironic thing about these girls using cocain to lose weight is that when they stop using they will all gain massive amounts of weight…the invetible ‘coke bloat’. Cocaine destoys your metabolism and it will take a year or so to balance out. If they think they were heavy or fat before they haven’t seen anything yet.

  10. February 7, 2008 8:27 PM
    Posted by: Anonymous,
    You are a true sicko. You are a worthless human being to wish ANYONE dead. Apparently you have never heard of karma…might want to call your mother tonight and tell her you love her…you never know when karma comes knocking at your door. It could be one of your kids.
    The sad and disturbing part of this massive drug use by these young stars starts in the bars they are and have been allowed to drink underage in for way too long. These kids have been trained by the best for this kind of lifestyle. It is time for Hollywood/NYC/Miami to start observing and enforcing the same laws the as rest of the country. It is an embarrassment to say the least that cities are promoting lawless societies that allow open drug use in many places.
    The crackdown needs to start with local law enforcement and then work its way up to the Governor. It is an embarrassment to our country.

  11. Eva was pregnant. She lost her baby. Probably from the drugs she was using. It was mentioned in a blind vice recently. I didn’t believe and went back and looked at photos of her over the last six months and she was definitely sporting a growing baby bump. Sad.

  12. There was a blind item recently about a celeb who went to rehab because they needed to lose weight. Yeeesh! To think “celebs” would rather people think they were addicted to drugs/alcohol than just a bit overweight. I wonder if that item was referring to Eva?

  13. hey Janet–now the director of cirque rehab center is saying that Dunst has NOT checked in

  14. i found a prada and it was full of all kinds of drugs and needles.

  15. Haha.. self medicating and starving themselves for filthy money!

  16. I always thought Kirsten was plain as a mud fence. And a mud fence with a chubby nose, thin lips, and sparse hair. She must have gone the route of the casting couch.

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