Readers already know that we at JCH are huge fans of Sacha Baron Cohen and Borat. In fact, we consider Borat the funniest movie we’ve EVER SEEN. (And Ali G is a favorite TV character.) That said, we viewed The Dictator with high expectations. The idea of an egocentric North African dictator loose in New York is a marvelous concept. And some of the movie was very entertaining. There were brilliantly funny lines, like when the misogynistic Dictator met a pregnant woman and remarked “Are you having a boy or an abortion?” Political satire like that makes the comedy worth seeing – it’s too bad there’s so much sophomoric slapstick in between the smart moments. Die-hard Cohen fans will enjoy the film, along with teenage boys, but it could have been better.

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  1. “sophomoric slapstick” sells well in film. Maybe this is a good thing for the film and can encourage others to watch and develop a larger fan base for Cohen.

  2. I’m guessing, “sophomoric slapstick” refers to hot women in little or no clothing in, ahem, compromising positions?

    Loved Borat and Bruno! I may just have to go check this one out. Hall Pass was also one of the funniest movies, evvver!

  3. Just a sneaky way of pushing the Jewish agenda on naive movie goers.

  4. Isn’t he a bit on the tall side to play Freddie Mercury?

  5. I don’t get it?!!?!? A pregnant woman and he is asking if she is having a boy or an abortion? Janet you think that is funny? He should have been around when your mother was having you.

  6. I just saw it with two of my kids, they thought it was way over the top, I secretly thought it was brilliant. He sure knows where our buttons are hid. Super funny, but completely ridiculous.Python on steroids.

    Muffie, you’re spot on.

  7. This guy in disgusting and offense. NOT funny. I could walk around a city and say obviously offensive things to people and get the same reactions. There is nothing brilliant about identifying targets and missing them off. That tv show “what would you do?” With Don Quinoines is another stupid concept. I look forward to the day audiences get sick of this non talented loser and he drops off the radar. His “work” only contributes to an uglier planet.

  8. As long as his irreverent brand plays against the narrow minded politically correct I will be his biggest fan.
    The guy is a genius{modern day Chaplin}for our times.

  9. This movie was mindless and some what funny to some degree but Gross and creepy but on the other hand there are people that like this sick twisted humor and will take to this movie like Duck to Water.

  10. Sorry, I don’t get this guy’s humor, however, to each his own. Maybe he can star in Bigfoot.

    @Hello, now you’re funny!!!

  11. I don’t like him.He is very annoying and not that funny.

  12. I love you, Janet, but I HATED Borat. Some of the jokes were funny, but overall, it was incredibly mean-spirited — especially the scenes making fun of the older Jewish couple who owned a bed and breakfast. I have no desire to see The Dictator — the trailer looked simply awful. Sasha was wonderful as the train conductor in Hugo, but of course, that was someone else’s script! 🙂

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