Demi Lovato’s father has advised the dancer that Demi smacked NOT to sue his daughter, citing the fact that Demi and Disney have excellent lawyers. However, the dancer, Alex Welch, who got a black eye before Demi entered a treatment center, has no intention of giving up. From what we hear, Alex has some explosive information about Demi and their relationship that caused the outburst of violence. Demi and Disney will most certainly NOT want any of the information to be revealed, so Alex will be handsomely paid off to keep quiet.


  1. Could it be that Demi is following the path of Bobbi Kristina and Whitney and already licking clit?

  2. Janet..can you please school Chelsea Handler on the Jennifer Aniston-Brad Pitt breakup. She continues to call Angelina a homewrecker. Does Jen Aniston secretly approves of this because it’s good for her career to be seen as the woman wronged?

  3. I saw the photo of that dancer after Demi knocked her around and it wasn’t pretty. I don’t care how good Disney’s lawyers are, an unprovoked attack that leaves someone with a black eye and swollen face is not defensible. And strom you’re disgusting, as usual.

  4. A little off topic but…Mary I 100% agree. JA must be whining to all of her new friends she likes to collect. How many years ago did this break up happen? I like Chelsea Handler, but she really is doing herself a diservice by playing Aniston’s lap dog.

    As for Demi Lavoto, anyone have any inside info on what Janet is hinting at?

  5. REALLY, I ask you, who gives a shit about these “Disney” processed “stars”? There’s one around every corner and every year there seems to be 2-3 of them that pop up out of nowhere and suddenly are crammed down the public’s throats. They are interchangable and milktoast BORING. Something has really gone wrong with the entertainment world because this is a fairly new thing and it is like a living nightmare people who appreciate REAL talent can’t escape. Nepotism has a whole lot to do with it.

  6. The f’ing NERVE of DL’s dad to state that the dancer who was viciously assaulted by his daughter (with a gallery of witnesses, no less) had better not sue “because they’ve got excellent lawyers.”
    Although it’s unlikely to happen, I hope the injured dancer has the integrity to refuse the hush money and sues Lovato and Co. in open court allowing ALL the dirty laundry to run free!

    Oh, and Reta? It’s GREAT to see you back. You were missed.

  7. strom and Sebastian….You would be mortified if your Sunday School teachers knew you dabbled in pornographic thoughts. I know, I know, the teachers probably rent porn movies and lead a secret life, LOL

  8. Mary, I think Jennifer is delighted when Chelsea or anyone else bad-mouths Angie. I think Jenn will forever feel rejected and wishes she still had him and that they had bought *or had kids*. Then if they did break up, there would always be a kid connection and Angie would just hate that.

  9. Muffin,the rumors on Demi Lovato include serious drug use and multiple sex partners.

  10. Mary – it’s all about money. JA continues to make money from this triangle, it will be milked for a long time yet.

    aeduko, yes rumours abound about this girls drug habits, male & female sex in the open at parties with the hired help, etc.,

  11. She is inhabited by sex demons; how else can you explain these activities. Turn the head completely around and spit up green pea soup. Exorcism needed.

  12. Dusney will drop Lovato like a hot spud and enlist a new child to fill their pockets and to destroy.

  13. So this morning ROL is saying this gal’s seen a plastic surgeon and will be filing suit next week. Let the games begin!!

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