If a pair of Louboutin stilettos and a pair of Teva sport sandals were thrown into a teleporter like the one in Jeff Goldblum’s “The Fly” movie, this is the questionable creation that might come out. Actually the Teva company merged with Grey Ant to introduce these homely high heels for girls who just can’t wear flat shoes – even to do yard work or go hiking. We wonder if Victoria Beckham will be the first celebrity to sport these $330 (black & white or tan) rock climbers. Although we can’t picture her in tweed socks.


  1. Stiletto Tevas have now moved to the top of my list of stupid inventions that will probably sell.

  2. Who would even pay 20 bucks for these hideous things at Payless? Since when have shoes become so rediculously priced anyway? What they’re made of just doesn’t compute into those crazy kind of prices, but as long as there are moron women willing to pay stupid prices for shoes, purses, etc. it will never change, but I’d just like to see some justification for the prices arrived at. There has to be a formula for the mark-up once the materials and labor have been figured in. And the dumb women who proudly show off whole closetsful of shoes that sell for hundreds or even thousands should take a trip to India and look at a whole country of people with NO shoes. Makes me want to vomit.

  3. Reta, in this same train of thought.–I have heard Kelly Ripa say she got a pair of Jimmy Choos on sale for $650 marked down from $800. She seemed very proud of herself. She has cracked her femur bone while exercising and walked on to her show with Regis still wearing 5 inch expensive heels. Allthese other multitude of self-centered skanky celebs that pay untold amounts for ‘brand-name’ shoes for huge bucks should go to Third World Countries and observe real poverty. I still don’t think they would give up their wardrobe of expensive shoes. I know Ms. Ripa would not. BTW, wonder what her wimpy husband Mark will get her for Christmas. Whatever he gets her, he will be paying for it with her money, as he does not work at all. She is the breadwinner, yet she is still terrified he will cheat on her, which many think he has with Vivica A. Fox.

  4. PS: She walked out on the show with crutches, and (as stated) wearing 5 inch heels. Damn, she is one vain titless bitch.

  5. Indy, I was going to point out that your last post was very un-Christian and mean…but then I realized it was about Kelly Rippa, so…Brava! Encore! Encore!

  6. Ha ha, thanks Sebastian. Sometimes I guess there is a devil on my shoulder. That woman is so fake, phony, and materialistic that I sometimes wonder why I watch her. Some may applaud Ms. Ripa for being a spokesperson for GLAAD and for having gay Neal Patrick Harris and his lover as guests in their Hamptons mansion, but needless to say, I don’t condone this. If some want to say it’s OK, it’s their biz.

    PS..If you can take another mean but true comment. Kelly’s gigolo hubby, Mark, was in Central Park preparing for a charity walk and had forgotten his bottle of water. He called her on her cell at 5:00 AM and whined that he forgot his water. She said this on her show, and she said she walked a bottle of water to him. Stars (???) (like her) are unbelievable.

  7. This is more absurd than the regular stilettos, made of designer leather or pleather, that regular girls (who wear, like regular Tevas, or regular high quality and cool hiking shoes or boots) avoid all year. Down with stilettos (except in the boudoir, and begrudgingly to the occasional play or dinner) and up with practical cool shoes. No TEVA/HEEL combos….ever.

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