Jennifer Aniston was mortified to hear that her new friend Chelsea Handler has been badmouthing Angelina Jolie. Jen and Chelsea became friends after Jennifer guested on Chelsea Lately several times and they spent Thanksgiving together with friends at Cabo San Lucas. This week Chelsea did a stand up show in Newark, New Jersey, and she lambasted Jolie, calling her a “homewrecker” and worse. Chelsea went on to taunt Jolie, who admits she “doesn’t have many female friends.” (We all know what that means.) Chelsea said “It’s because she’s a bitch and a f****** c***! Chelsea might not be aware that while Jennifer appreciates her support, the LAST thing she wants is to bring up the subject of Angelina- especially in a negative way. She wants to put it all behind her. Certainly Jen will diplomatically ask Chelsea to drop this subject from her act.



  1. I think Chelsea might have gone alittle overboard. Do I think Angelina had sex with Brad Pitt when he was married, yes. But is it really Chelsea’s business? NO.

  2. I think U R right, Lenny. It’s sure taking a long time for Angie to get paid back for adultery; she just keeps making money, visiting every country, living in mega-mansions, and causing men and women to lust after her. Notice I did not mention hell or heaven.

  3. I think Chelsea hit the nail on the head.In my opinion from what I’ve seen and heard of her, AJ is nothing more than a glorified drug aditct that sleeps with anyone that will do it.AJ runs around on Brad Pitt and leaves her kids with nannies, where’s the wholsome mother she wants everyone to think she is? Brad Pitt has a skeletal power freak to contend with now and that thing is just what he deserves. The joke is on him!

  4. Chelsea Handler, Sarah Silverman, Kathy Griffin, all loud mouthed not funny at all comics

  5. joy: I think U R entirely correct. I think Angie has already cheated; she has even publicly stated (interview w/ Diane Sawyer) that she is a free spirit and no one tells her what to do. More than likely Brad has cheated too. What they deserve is to give each other a gross disease with the germs mutating into something incurable. I think Aniston would gloat over this and wishes it would happen. They are riding much too high, wide, and handsome….soon they will start coming down.

  6. KAY, you hit the nail on the head. JA and CH both look PATHETIC!! Shame on Aniston, there has been way too much time passed for this issue to even be even remotely relevent anymore. CH needs to wake up and realize that JA has used her for this exact reason. This is what Jennifer was aiming for by buddying up with Handler. Someone in the media to go to bat for her and sling some hash. Jennifer is just trying to collect friends like some immature high school girl and use them against Angelina. Anniston really needs to go hard with her therapist to deal with these issues. People think Jolie is the one who needs help, I beg to differ.

  7. Handler did not handle things too good on that stage, she went on a rampage that was uncalled for and totally out of control. If she was supposed to have been the comedienne,she became
    the joke,and was not funny at all. Handler didn’t tell too much about Angelina, but she sure told a lot about herself.Angelina’s films will still be showing in reruns long after the powers that be realize that Handler is in **no way a class act. Her tasteless rant about Angelina was not comedy material, but down in the gutter sadness that represented Chelsea Handler’s opinions of her own self. PEACE!!

  8. Lenny,

    It is and it isn’t Chelsea’s biz and here is my 5 cents… AJ did HARD drugs, slept with men and women and for years made a fool of herself from knives to blood vials. Excuse me but that’s major crap, ok? Billy the goat dumps her and suddenly we all witness the metamorphosis! Mother Earth, nurturing, misunderstood, didn’t eff Brad before divorce, holy Angelina appeared. Tell me seriously how many heroin addicts just quit with the snap of their fingers and don’t need rehab and a lifetime worth of fighting addiction. If you believe in what’s sold to masses on AJ you are mistaken. Now Chelsea… she is in business of ridiculing people. Love or hate her, she has a right to express her thoughts, which I happen to support. If Angelina Jolie doesn’t want people to call her who she is, I suggest she either shuts her face and stops lying (not all of us are stupid) or comes clean and says things as they are.

  9. Chelsea Handler is famous for sleeping with the head of the E! network. Discuss….

  10. Meg: I couldn’t have said it better. You are dead on on every point and it’s exactly what I have always thought of Ang. Besides her sucking face with her very own practically identical brother! I can’t STAND her and Brad left a great woman for a colossal loser, whore, druggie, and baby buyer.

    Chelsea Handler IS funny and has a quick wit. Someone else said they didn’t like Kathy Griffin either…oh well, to each their own…I happen to love Kathy and her humor is dead on with the celebrities she skewers. She’s not afraid to really let them have it and tell it like it is, only humorously. LOVE a good raunchy female comic, they haven’t been around all that long and owe their careers to Joan Rivers and maybe a couple others, but Joan broke the mold of female comics who came before her I think.

  11. I agree with everything Meg said, except that AJ dumped BBT–it came out of the blue, he wasn’t expecting it. AJ pretends to be a humanitarian; her kids would probably like to experience some of that goodwill. There’s something very hinky about BP staying with a woman who has no boundaries, and only lip service for mother love.

  12. @Meg et al,

    Can you all go through the archives on Angelina? She started her work with the UN after filming Lara Croft BEFORE she adopted Maddox. She spoke about feeling empty and traveling to Cambodia and it changing her life.

    I guess everyone forgot she was married to Billy Bob when she adopted Maddox. And had divorced him long before she went on the Mr. and Mrs Smith set. And she was already well traveled for the UN. She had already given that one third to live, one third for Maddox’s future, one third to charity speech, with respect to her salary long before meeting Mr. Pitt.

    I guess everyone also forgets the whisperings of trouble and speculation about Jennifer Aniston and Brad’s marriage during the last two seasons of Friends and while he was filming Troy. How Jennifer went on Oprah and said she wasn’t sure Brad was her soul mate. Or how Brad did every interview in the last three years of her being on Friends saying he couldn’t wait to start a family. And how he planned to have a soccer team?

    The only people responsible for the break up of Brad and Jennifer are Brad and Jennifer. Stop throwing hate on Angelina, because two people decided to make choices about the direction of their lives, that benefited them, and not middle America. Brad and Jen are done, they aren’t getting back together. On the most basic level, how many men leave their attractive wife, for a single mother? What’s the pull and push for that?

  13. I dont often take up for Jen but Chelsa is one more loud mouth Yid and not only is it not funny but look even more so helpless, which she isnt.

  14. If you read the recent unauthorized biography on Angelina Jolie, then you know she had a troubled youth (cutting herself, drugs, father issues). While I don’t necessarily believe she broke up the Pitt/Aniston marriage, I do believe she didn’t help it. This, after spending a lifetime of hating her father (which was encouraged by her mother) because of his infidelity. It doesn’t make a lot of sense, and neither does she. Read any tabloid on the shelf and nannies and bodyguards all the same thing – that she ignores her kids and only wants them around her when they’re on their best behavior. What will really be interesting is not what Jennifer Aniston and Chelsea Handler have to say about Angelina, but what her own kids will someday say. I’m not sure how Brad Pitt got hooked up with her, since he’s from the Midwest and you’d think have a better head on his shoulders. His parents seem stable and normal. I think that’s the real mystery. Merry Christmas everyone!

  15. Chelsea always had Angelina in her act and on her TV show monologue, and on the TV show panel discussion. Plus she always has spoken badly about Jolie even before she was so called friends with Jen…she works blue and that is what her ilk do.

  16. I just wish one or the other would catch one or the other in the very act of cheating. Wonder what would happen then.

    I remember Angelina saying that before her mother died that she begged Ang and BP to marry. I also read that for a time Brad was begging her to get married. She still, after all this time and kids, wants to be her own person. Anyway, I guess they are almost common-law status now.

  17. Nicola and other Jolie defenders. You are getting ahead of yourself.

    Please notice I have NOT mentioned nor accused Jolie for Brad/Jen situation. I simply said I don’t believe a very promiscuous person with heroin problems suddenly becomes saint and she hooked up with Brad without sex. Gimme a break people! Are you kindergartners or something??? She basically effs his brother on stage and she didn’t sleep with Pitt??? Hahah

    What went between Pitts is their business but don’t lie. My problem with Jolie is that she is a a liar and a big one. Have you herd about her getting help for addiction???? Are you people serious??? You know what I think? She is another Charlie Sheen in making! Their behaviour is actually quite similar. Denial, new marriage, new kids, and suddenly BOOM Kaput!

    Angelina MIGHT want to get better, perhaps even replaced an addiction to married men and drugs with addiction to adoption. This woman is a mess and a liar. That’s all.

    Chelsea again, I never said I was on her side or against. Point is this: both women work in show biz. We are the audience. This is the job they have chosen for themselves therefore poor darlings will be scrutinized by us. If they feel violated by the fact most of us don’t buy into their shit I suggest they switch jobs to something less stressful. There is an opening for a bag lady at my local corner store… low pressure…

  18. Nicola don’t get me wrong I don’t want to offend but you must be very young.

    Haven’t you heard ALL celebs put themselves on charity causes NOT because they are interested but because their publicists tell them to.

    Cause gets the face, celeb gets to look good. All PR honey! Not real 90% of time, believe me.

    Read ANY autobiography by a celeb and you will see it.

  19. What absolute garbage!
    Aniston isn’t going to say a word to Handler about this, unless it’s to tell her she loved it!
    Do any of you actually believe that she cares anymore what’s said about Pitt & Jolie?

  20. In case you didn’t know.. Jen talks trash and filthy like this.. so I doubt she did more than giggle and say good job Chelsa.. now let’s go eat and pig out on tiny Anchovy, Chicken And Tomato on celery Canapes and drink all the sparkling mineral water we want! Wheee! Then I will get back to breaking up Courtney and her hubby and have two friends all my very own.

  21. Jennifer’s gonna throw Chelsea under the bus. Just wait until after Brad calls her.

  22. If CH called AJ a cu– in her comedy routine, then it’s personal & not comedy. Since CH & JA recently became friends & started hanging out, one could assume the tirade against AJ is a result of their new found friendship. Whether CH did this independently or not, it just perpetuates the image of JA not getting over the break-up. I would think JA would not want to be in that position. Despite being well-liked, JA is considered a lightweight actress. Add the scorned woman,& she becomes a woman to feel sorry for. I don’t think that’s the image she’s going for. I really think she wants a positive, strong image. CH didn’t help. Everybody wants to demonize AJ. But at the end of the day, she is the mother of BP’s children. She is his partner in life. From the outside looking in, it appears that BP’s relationship with AJ is on a higher level that he never achieved with JA. After all these years, if people are in JA’s corner, they should respectfully let her move on.

  23. Good points all around. My opinion is this makes Jen look very bad. If I were Jen, I would not like this — I don’t believe she said this stuff to Chelsea, but I believe she still might be hung up on Brad, and he has so moved on from this. Chelsea and Jen have not blamed Brad on this; does this just make him a gullible dunce? Don’t think so, he is just as much at fault. Cannot really figure out why Jen has not blamed him.

  24. Jen’s a smart women and I’m sure she knew ahead of time that Chelsea was going to bash AJ and she gave her the A-OK to do it. Now Jen can make herself look above it all, by telling Chelsea to stop the tirades. sure….

    the AJ cheating thing is beyond old at this point isn’t it? who cares…the continued drug usage is more disturbing to me.

    am I missing something with Chelsea Handler? I don’t find her to be that funny. How has she become the IT funny girl? besides by sleeping with Ted Harbert from the E network.

  25. Forget Chelsea Handler and whatever she said. I think that Jennifer hates Angelina with all her heart and soul. No high-profile person wants to be dumped and humiliated in front of the whole world. Even at the end if Jennifer hated Brad, she still did not want to lose out to another woman, especially a woman with no morals, no scruples and prettier than her. It’s the everlasting law of the jungle, you might say.

  26. Ms Charlton: Are you that gullable to believe that Aniston is upset about Chelsea bad-mouthing Jolie? Do you work for Huvane too? When Aniston was on Handler’s show a few months ago, Handler “just happened” to go on another hateful rant against Jolie. Coinicidence? I think it’s planned. I also think Aniston and her lisp is pathetic.

  27. Yes, Chelsea HAS been using AJ for a long time in her comedy, at least on her show as I watch it often and have heard many comments directed at the lifestyle and AJ’s past, every joke I have understoond and agreed with, and by the way thought was funny due to her timing and type of humor. She’s funny bouncing off others too, which if you watch the beginning of her show you’ll see her discussion period with 3 other comics, and it usually goes pretty good.

    I like Jen a lot, just her personality on interviews and wish she’d get better roles. I haven’t liked Ang since she kissed her brother, and I heard about her drug use and cutting and the Billy Bob thing, wearing the blood vial and a host of countless equally unfavorable things. The scales are tipped waaay on the neg side for her and looking at her now and seeing how incredibly thin she has become from just a few short years ago, I’d say there is still some serious issues going on with her that are not healthy. I also believe she doesn’t spend enough time raising her own kids and drags them around the world just way too much. Being a kid once myself, they just want a parent to BE with them and pay attention to them and love them, they don’t need mansions and airplane rides. It reminds me of Camille Grammer who brags about having 4 nannies for 2 kids she seems to never be seen with. I just don’t get it.

  28. Indy, I wanted one of them to catch the other cheating; however, it may be part of their relationship to invite others in to keep the excitement going. AJ is insatiable. If she caught BP with the French maid, she’d join in rather than get upset.

  29. As for Brad’s midwestern values, Jolie’s family made their money off a bowling alley in the cornfields of Indiana. They just like to pretend to be French.

  30. Palermo, and others, you may not like Handler’s type of comedy, or that of Kathy Griffin, etc., but whether or not they are funny is a matter of taste.

    I find both Griffin and Handler hilarious, and would say that they and Craig Ferguson represent a certain new genre of comedy.

    There is a wide variety of comedy for all to enjoy, and to each his own. Enjoy your According to Jim reruns, and just tune Chelsea out.

  31. FYI: Again Chelsea has always had Jolie jokes in her act and on her show before Jen and her were friends. I think that is what Jen might have found funny about Chelsea her constant jokes about Jolie’s blood vile around her neck, Billy Bob, her kissing her brother, her kids and her married man obsession.

    Jolie has been in rehab many times for her heroin addiction. She is a drug addict and that is why it is believed she adopted outside of the US because of her on going treatment and the American states that have high standards and qualifications to adopt children regarding drug addicted people.

  32. Bu, Amen. But one would hope that Jolie’s mental instability alone would prevent even her from adopting children in America.

  33. jennifer a. is a pothead who dates questionable men. she’s no better than angelina.

    they ALL have manufactured personalities.

  34. I think Chelsea Handler made a calculated decision to rant at a stand up performance, rather than using her rather large and influential (don’t care how she got her show) platform to bash a MAJOR celebrity who just happens to deal in image making to an absurd degree. A comedienne is able to rant–to drink–to be a broad and an equal opportunity offender. A humanitarian is not. Even a major film star cannot manipulate the public. The mainstream media does not control the average person’s IQ. And most people are well aware of all the massive ways in which major stars attempt to smooth themselves over with their viewing public. I say Go Chelsea Handler. We are all adults. We appreciate adult humor. And also gossip. And rants.

  35. The book can be bought for less than $15 and is an entertaining and informative read. ” Adolfus cried loudly as he fought to regain his footing on the bloodied ramp before he could be slain by his attacker. That will make us far superior to even the humans who may ride horses but share no spirit with them.

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