“Dancing with the Stars” producers were overjoyed by the ratings Bristol Palin brought the show so now they want ANOTHER Palin for next season. Sarah is pretty much out of the question, so they’re after Bristol’s dad Todd Palin. Bristol shocked viewers when she landed in the top three, although she DID improve, she was never in winner Jennifer Grey’s league. DWTS is also interested in another politician’s daughter – Meghan McCain.


  1. I hope less people watch this rubbish show in the New Year. Wake up America!

  2. If this is true, then what the hell is wrong with the producers of this stupid show? Are they trying to kill any and all hope of keeping viewers who have been there from the beginning? Excuse me, but the title is Dancing with the STARS. Shouldn’t they actually get STARS? Neither the daughter who got knocked up out of marraige, or the poor husband of that moron are “stars”. Geez!!! Why don’t they just go randomly point to any old lumberjack lined up at the bar and ask him to “dance”?

  3. They could do a whole Celebrity Dads theme, with Todd Palin, Billy Ray Cyrus, Whatshisname Spears, Bruce Jenner, Michael Lohan, Paris Hilton’s old man, the Gosselin guy, and creepy old Joe Simpson. There are a lot of famewhore dads out there, Todd Palin might as well step up for his 15 minutes.

  4. Is this the answer to the blind about political affiliation wanting to appear on reality show and to do so, would cut a $1M cheque to the producers!!!

  5. What idiot would pay a million dollars to be on a reality show?

  6. At first I thought yeah what idiot… when $1M in property investment… but then I realised $1M would be nothing compared to the exposure and the following paid-appearences, endorsements and etc, that would follow… in actual fact $1M is an investmet into something that would bring in a lot more $$$, not mention satisfy the ‘look at me’ exposure that these personality types crave.

  7. The only reason I can think for Sarah Palin to pay a million bucks to put her husband on TV is to make him seem more normal to middle America. This is a guy who believes Alaska should secede from the US. He’s way out there.

  8. And….Todd looked the other way and gave the mama bear a pass when she had the affair with his friend and business partner. He’s enjoying her fame and fortune and all he has to do is keep the guns, bows&arrows, fishing gear in good working condition. He will probably do what she tells him to do.

  9. I have nothing against the Palins and I know most people are told by the biased liberal media that the Sarah Palin is the devil. If that was Chelsea Clinton on DWTS, nothing but praise would have heaped on her and Hillary.

  10. Bring on Meghan!! I am a huge fan of the show and MM would definately fit the bill. The producers of the show can just stack stars. They have to have some fluff and filler to color up the show. Duh, anyone seen the show?

  11. they have run out of “star” a long time ago, this is nothing but the “also rans”. Time to give this show up.

  12. One more Palin on the show, and they will have to change the name from “Dancing with the Stars” to “Dancing with the ‘tards”.

  13. Lennie,

    Funny you should bring up Hillary and Chelsea. The MINUTE I heard the Clintons were spending megabucks on Chelsea’s wedding, I said “Hillary’s out of politics!” and sure enough, just last week Hillary spoke somewhere or other and said that Secretary of State would probably be her last political position,

    All those richy-rich Dem’s want to pretend they are “of the people” and “for the people” when actually they could give a lot of GOP’ers a run for their money (EVERY pun intended).

  14. Lenny, I don’t think that is at all true. Chelsea on DWTS would have unleashed a sh*tstorm of criticism. Point is, Chelsea would never, and would never have been allowed to, do such a thing. The Clinton’s have class, the Palin’s do not. And that is the big issue that never gets brought up (because of Political Correctness and fear of long-standing issues coming to the fore) — most Republican Faces have absolutely no class.

    I am not talking about indiscretions, and peccadilloes, but the habit of saying Please and Thank You, speaking quietly, and generally not doing things in public that can cause people to think you were born in a barn, or, worse, a whore house.

    Horrible accents, In Your F-ing Face attitudes, and hypocrisy (the stand of family values and feminism being two prime examples) are almost the full domain of the Republicans.

  15. Hey Sebastian, Me again! Are you the guy that shot his TV over Bristol Palin…. pretending to be a Canadian? Just wonderin’

  16. The Clinton’s have Class?????? where did you dig that one up? Neither the Palin’s or Clinton’s have much in that aspect.

  17. Get real Strom, and re-read my last post.

    The Clintons don’t sound like they fell out of a trailer park, got educations, dress appropriately, and are people in public life who do not use words like “retarded” (not because they are PC but because they are genteel and respectful).

    Of course, the response is that they are hypocrites, or something similar, which is exactly the way low-brows respond to the concept of manners.

  18. And Muffin Top, it is “the guy who”, not “the guy that”. I understand that that is probably a typo, but I know at some point you will try to throw my typos in my face, so, remember:

    RUBBER- GLUE. Tit for tat. Glass houses. Bite me.

  19. “dancing or rather schulumping with the financially desperate for attention and money has beens” is more like it……the shows blows beyond belief…..
    what blows even more is the even more putrid so called “skating with the even worse has beens” no one gives a crap about either…. vince neil?? PLEASE!! the chronic drunk put his friend in a wheel chair for life driving drunk and he is making money on this stupid show??? other than johnny weir the judges are even worse…..
    now, if they would put on “Enemas with the Desperate HAS Beens” at least THAT would become a has been a lot more…….apologies to the ”what becomes a legend most” Ads….
    I would like to now which implement the people who bother to watch this crap use to remove 3/4’s of their brains with prior to tuning in to this shit….

  20. PBL, or Pit: I agree completely, in fact I vaguely recall hearing that someone (maybe Tyra?) got a colonic on camera. So, your suggestion has a touch of authenticity already. Perhaps you can get your name in the credits when Colonics with the Stars begins “running”.

  21. DWTS has never been about “Stars”. EVER.

    I’ve always believed the tag “Dancing with the Has-been’s & Never-was’es” was far more apropos to the casting. After all, there is no debate that last season’s cast hit a shocking new low with the signing of such red-hot “stars” as ‘Ceiling-Eyes Patridge’, Piddle-Pants Hoff, Aunt Flow, ‘Teen Mom’ Palin and ‘The Master of the Pigeon-Toed Tango’ himself, The SITUATION”… to name a few.
    Sorry, but that’s as far as I can go without a Xanax-stuffed olive Martini.

  22. DWTS and AI both suck, but of the two, AI is the worst. It (imho) started going down when the singers started playing piano or guitar or whatever else. Does anyone think it’s funny that on DWTS when it comes time to name THE winner that they never say that the winner barely squeaked by, nor does Tom Bergeron say how far apart the votes were, etc. That’s because it’s totally fixed. Else why would a big-boned clumsy moose stay in and be in the top 3 to finally lose. But what is more boring that DWTS and AI is “Skating with the Stars”. And what is more unbelievable than SWTS is Ryan Seacrest dating the prim little Mormon whore, Julianne Hough. STOP THE WORLD, I WANNA GET OFF. (now stepping off soapbox:)

  23. Mormon and whore in the same sentence sounds funny. I lived in Salt Lake City for about 17 years and boy I’ve got stories.

  24. ha ha, Lenny, I’d like to hear some those stories. And the reason I called Julianne a whore (guess I shouldn’t have) is because she said that she was ummm, saving herself, for marriage. Yeah, right. And anyone who believes Ryan S. is totally straight is nuts, too.

  25. I graduated from watching DWTS when Brandy was voted off. Their so called voting system was a complete turn off,and I am not in the least bit curious about future dancers being berated and criticized by the judges who totally disrespect
    the dancers so publicly. Over and Done with!!

  26. because the last floor couldn’t stand her weight.
    IT’S DEMOLISHED NOW………..”thanks anyway”.

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