Yes, that’s a movie star in a full length leopard print coat shopping at Target. No sunglasses and baseball cap (like Chelsea Handler) in the hope of not being noticed. Sharon Stone has three little boys at home so it makes sense to stock up on Christmas stuff and toys at the discount store.



  1. Another rich person shopping discount.

    So much for trickle-down economics.

    And I bet she went home and had her “illegal” maid make her a cup of herbal tea.

  2. Even though Target has a broad range of items, Marshall’s prices are better and has great decorating items, gifts, & clothes.

  3. Sharon hasn’t made a good appearance since she purposely flashed her beav for the fatboy.

  4. I love Marshall’s and Ross’s, but Target is fair. Sharon still looks nice.

  5. Hey, give the woman a break, we are in a recession and so is her career. I am sure she is shopping for her children anyway, kids aren’t fussy.

    Who cares where people shop anyway? Any body with a brain tries to save as much money as they can, no matter how much they have, No?

  6. Muffin, it is because people tried to penny pinch that the economy has slipped more and more each decade. It is why people buy clothes and other items made in the third world — because workers are paid less, and their product can be bought cheap. And why do most people buy cheap? – So they can have more crap, unlike in the old days (30 years ago) when people bought the best quality they could afford, and just owned less.

    Thirty years ago in North America we had good jobs for working-class people, Sales jobs were well-paying and considered a career of sorts, and people had an over all better quality of life in part because when they shopped it was not like digging through a garbage heap or fighting for stuff in a post-apocalyptic bazaar.

    And the current state of retail has been created so that corporations can make more money by convincing people to buy buy buy. It is a new kind of slaver, where the slaves have bought into it.

    Hike you pant up — your brain is exposed.

  7. Hahaha. Good one, Moron. What does Sharon Stone shopping at Target have to do with the economy or you for that matter. She is buying the things she needs, obviously. Where do you suggest she shop, your closet? Whom do you think Target employs? What and where can you buy anything that is not made by foreingers(for lack of a better word).

    Please tell me where you(Mr Perfect for lack of a nastier word) shop that makes you so pure and patriotic. Your racist stripes are showing again. There are millions of people working to make these things that we purchase and they need to make a living too, no matter how minium wage they make. I am not saying that this is right, but blame the governement not the buyers. Big business is in the pockets of all branches of government. I personally try to buy things that are made in North America whenever possible, but this is not always an option.

    The days of playing with toys whittled by your grandfather or sock puppets made by your grandmother are over. It is 2010 , not 1949 hillbillyville. Time to wake up Sebastian!!!!

  8. Muffin Top, my assertion that, if we actually made things in North America is moronic. Sure.

    And my claim that, if we were all willing to pay a little more for the stuff we purchase, the world — not just America and the rest of the first world — would be a better place is idiotic. OK.

    Uhm, Muffin Top, you made the mistake of declaring you have official Indian status. For anyone who does not know, this means MT can go to Uni for free and has to pay few, if any taxes (how much does are car cost with all the taxes stripped off, huh? I don’t know. I have to pay my full way.)

    Perhaps if you did not live in a government created ivory tower, you attitude would be slightly different.

    (Sure, whine about the above being racist. As I said before: rubber-glue — if I can be racist with my background, so can you. Certainly if I am full of s**t, you are doubly so. Read a book or a paper once in a while honey.

  9. BTW, I have never shopped at places like Walmart — regardless of how much I could save — and never will (I am old enough to remember the grand old days of the Department Store, and lament their disappearance). I know that North American manufacturing is a lost cause, but I can at least shop in stores that respect their staff to some extent, and do not set out to get a strangle-hold on retail while destroying communities.

    Oh I am such a vile moron!

  10. I’d like to make one point in the shopping do’s or don’t in that the larger, spread out over a football field sized chunk of concrete store never seem to have any employees handy when you need help or have a question. It pretty much drives me nuts. I have been in those stores and looked around and seen not a single other human head in motion within sight. If I were dishonest I could have taken whatever I wanted and out the door.
    BTW theft is actually built in to your purchases. I worked at J.C.Penney many many moons ago and witnessed a theft right in front of me and called security. They were not interested and told me since they hadn’t seen it the person was free to walk out with it. I was willing to do whatever I had to because I HAD seen them take it, but I watched them walk right down the aisle and out the door without anyone following them.
    Later on the head of security and another employee were busted for stealing merchandise. Wow, big surprise there!

  11. In case anyone cares, and I’m sure you all do (lol)…..I never shop at Wal-Mart, except for a few vitamins. I don’t shop at Target, their clothes and shoes suck. We have a store called “Ross” that has everything, brand names, unique knick-knacks and gourmet chocolates.

    RE Sharon Stone—how is she paying bills and taking care of 2 or 3 boys? She lives in a huge mansion and I don’t remember any movies she has done lately, and I don’t think she has a boyfriend. GollyWeird is really mysterious and truly weird. 🙂

  12. What’s wrong with her shopping at target? She’s being smart with her money unlike hoards of other aholes who piss it all away on designer this and designer that. Personally, I love Pier 1 imports and Ikea. They have great stuff at great prices.

  13. Reta, I worked in a major department store some years ago and the security people were horrible. They were rude and nasty to customers and acted like the gestapo towards employees which is ironic because they were the biggest thieves in the place.

  14. Do any of you shop second hand? I have some really good vintage/consignment shops near me that sell like new goods for great discount. It’s good way to get designer at a price you can afford. The mall SUCKS.

  15. Geez Janet, what a nonsense you write. Sharon is thankful people still recognize her… girl didn’t have a job in eons, no wonder she shops at Target

  16. Yep…Sharon, who has had a huge amount of various cock in her life,,,is most likely getting paid by Target. But the real fakers you see are certainly getting paid by the overpriced LA and Miami and NY shops and pimped by JC.

  17. Two things about Sharon: She has had a very raunchy love life, pretty much a woman without morals.

    2nd thing: She needs a really lot of makeup and wardrobe to look good.

  18. Loves me some Target. Somes me some Sharon Stone. Love boys and the toys that they love. Seems like a natural, no?

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