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With so many celebrities spending the holidays in rehab we figure the temptation to overindulge must be rampant at this time of the year. Courteney Cox is not thrilled by the fact that her estranged husband David Arquette has been partying like a frat boy since they split, and she would love HIM to check into rehab. David loves the night life and Courtney would rather relax at home after a long day at work – certainly this contributed to their split. Whether they get back together or not, Courteney would like to see her child’s father calm down and drink less.


  1. Substance abuser or not, David should be locked up, if only for his criminal dress sense. A few months in one of those hospital gowns that opens in the back — and his hairy ass hanging out — will teach him to observe at least a few fashion rules.

  2. You can’t ‘rehab’ an Arquette. Nor should you. They provide comic relief in an otherwise drab World…

  3. I find him rather amusing and far more attractive than his brother that’s a sister.

  4. Yes he needs fashion rehab.

    CC must be cringing at the crazy being left to his own devices… she just seems like she would be too straight and uptight to have ‘handled’ him all those years. I’m sure he is harmless enough and trying to cope with a broken heart and no adult supervision.

    Next he will hook up with a younger CC look-alike, or rather one will latch on.

  5. The Arquette family is a little different but aren’t most families in some ways. Don’t care much for his acting whatsoever.

  6. She should just give up on him. They are too totally different. She always looks like she has a corncob up her arse and he is wondering how he got stuck with this pristine and mirthless old broad.

  7. Enough already, my eyes bleed every time I see a picture of this A-#$%! and his messed up sense of fashion and reality.

  8. This site was defending him earlier, now the tide has turned and he needs rehab. This guy always needed rehab, and the couple was a mismatch from day one. He never grew up.

  9. Palermo, I do like David — he is an interesting character. And, from what I understand about Courtney, David is certainly not solely responsible for their marital troubles. However, we have seen a great deal of David (because of news of the breakup), and the parade of f**kwit fashion is driving me crazy.

    Maybe David and Helena Bonham Carter should get together and have a baby or two. The kids would have to be born by C-section though — as the clown shoes and hoop skirts would not pass through the birth canal.

  10. I don’t find him interesting or funny. I’m afraid I would feel just like Courtney Cox does if he were my husband, he’s an immature buffoon.

  11. There is something about C.Cox that I despise and I can’t say exactly what it is. They should file for divorce, David has obviously not finished sowing his wild oats, and won’t be done partying for about 20 more years. An older man can always get a girlfriend. When he’s done messin’ roun’, there will be ‘ladies’ of all ages vying for him, and that’s just the way it is. And so the words of the wise are ended. lol

  12. Has he ever had an actual acting job? Those lame “Scary Movie” things can hardly be considered “acting” as he’s basically just playing himself. Anybody ever see him in a real role, like dramatic and done well?

  13. Indy, I thought it was just me who couldn’t figure out why I didn’t like Countney Cox.

  14. he just wanted a LEGAL penis in his ANUS, folks!!
    that’s the real reason.

  15. Lenny, great minds think alike. I guess though if you pinpointed our dislike for Cox, it would be she gives off the vibe that she is prettier and better than anyone else. She just has that “ICK” quality built in to her.

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