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Nope, that’s NOT Taylor Momsen dressed up for Halloween – that’s Taylor’s work clothes for performing with her band Pretty Reckless. Her band played at the Paper magazine party and during the show she flashed her seventeen year old bare chest with gaffer’s tape on her nipples. Very Courtney Love. Taylor’s changed a lot (photo below) since she started on “Gossip Girl” a few years ago.


  1. train wreck
    she will never be
    the girl
    with the most cake

  2. What she doesn’t get is that trying too hard to be cool just looks like trying too hard. Same goes for trying to be grown up.

  3. Can you say Lindsay or Courtney Love. Don’t know this gal but at 17, she’s got a head start towards rehab.

  4. She is still a very lovely girl.

    Did I write “girl”? I meant “ghoul”…

    She is still a very lovely ghoul.

  5. She’s only 17, and at that age, if we have any imagination, creativity,or mind of our own, we all try on many faces until we find one that says, “THIS is me!” She is no little sheep. I am not a fan, particularly, although she has a well defined rocker voice, and could be one of the greats, in time. Putting her down for this “look” she has. is an extension of political correctness, and repressive.Next, I guess, are Mao uniforms. I was a “hippie”, and went through many looks, and many phases. I applaud her for being herself, and to hell what anyone ELSE says about MY look. Lighten up. We are fast becoming a Socialist society , erasing any thing individual in looks or dress, watching every word we say, and not daring to differ in any way, lest we “offend” in speech, word, belief or dress.I am angered and saddened by our loss at so many freedoms. Just look at these condemning posts.

  6. Mary Claire, I pretty much agree with you. However, I think it quite sad that these days everyone’s mind is controlled by the corporate world that “rebels” are even give a template to use. This is quite different from my day as a teen – back in the early eighties – when no two teenagers looked anything alike.

  7. She tries way too hard to be ‘edgy’. She comes across as a cartoon character. She should stick to reading ‘Archie’ comics.

  8. Sebastian Canada,..You are absolutely right when you say that Corporate Amerika even controls our rebelliousness. The fashion and colors we wear each season are determined at a board meeting somewhere in the industry, the trends in everything from makeup and nail polish, hairstyles, and perfumes that become trendy are foist on us by by exectutives looking for big bucks.

  9. Ooops, sent itself…When I was a teenager, even before you, in the 60’s I was stared at for wearing bell bottoms, that I bought straight off the body of a drunken sailor on the street. Ha! His buddies had to hustle him, half naked to the car. I braided my long hair with beads, and people thought I was on drugs, was crazy, etc. Now, many years later, those styles have been mainstream TWICE. I must now resort to be the only geriatric wearing Industrial/Paisley Chic. I see that Paisley is in, so, I’ll have to find something else. Anyway, let Taylor Momsen have her little Vampire fashion, and try to keep our own little rebellions going on. I have already decided, that if I end up in a wheelchair, I’ll have a “Woodstock Generation” bumper sticker

  10. Mary-Claire, I hear ya! Still cannot help feel sorry for teens and kids growing up post 2K… Well, one does not miss what one never had, so maybe their is no point.

  11. You march right upstairs and wash your face THIS INSTANT, missy! Seriously though, she looks soooooo much better in the second pic. Why is dressing like a streetwalker seen as ‘maturing’? Isn’t there some sort of middle ground? At this rate she’s likely to perish from hypothermia.

  12. The heroin-addicted vampire look is not attractive, nor does it speak of her creativity. Oh wait, it does, her lack of creativity.

  13. She is obviously one of the last hair-extension hold outs.

  14. Well now that she’s 25 and still looks like this I guess we can rule out that it was a phase. She had 4 #1 songs on her last album though… keep on rocking Taylor.

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