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Last year’s HBO Woody Allen documentary Allen V. Farrow just about buried his career, but we still love his movies (and have serious doubts about his guilt.) His film Rifkin’s Festival opened the San Sebastian Film Festival a year ago, and took place at that same festival. The movie did well in Europe, as most Woody Allen movies do, and finally it is about to be released here in theaters and online in January. Film fans love it – it’s about a film studies professor (Wallace Shawn) and his publicist wife (Gena Gershon) who attend the glamorous film festival while suffering from marital angst. The wife seems too interested in her hot young director client and the husband runs amok. There’s always something to like in a Woody Allen movie and we agree with the guy who said “Appreciate Woody while he’s still around.”


Every time we see a photo of 85 year old Woody Allen, it makes us sad. The documentary Allen v Farrow seemed to seal his fate and we’re not entirely sure it was fair. This is a man who LIVED to make movies. And for the most part, we really enjoyed them. We are still not sure he was guilty of inappropriately touching his adopted daughter Dylan, when she was 7. Certainly Mia Farrow was highly motivated to enhance this claim. It’s strange that when this story surfaced, NO OTHER people came forward with similar claims against Woody. A child molester who does it only once is rare indeed. So far, Woody has not been given the opportunities to make films in Europe that Roman Polanski enjoys- and Polanski admitted he had sex with a 13 year old. Such a sad situation…

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Timothee Chalamet appears to be lost in his thoughts as he rides his bike around Manhattan’s Battery Park. Just maybe, one of these days he will think about addressing his issues with Woody Allen. Is he blocking out what he did to devastate Woody’s career? When Timothee announced that he regretted working with Woody in A Rainy Day in New York and was donating his salary to charity, he implied that he believed the accusation that Woody was guilty of molesting his daughter Dylan in 1992. (Two investigations found Woody NOT guilty and NO ONE else ever accused him of such behavior) Following his lead, other actors backed away from Woody because they were afraid NOT to, and it was fashionable in the Time’s Up era. Amazon dumped the movie and Woody’s career is demolished. Yet Timothee refuses to discuss this horrific incident in interviews, citing “contractual obligations.” It’s time for Timothee to think and talk about this issue.

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Just can’t help but wonder if Timothee Chalamet has regrets about destroying Woody Allen’s career. Timothee probably didn’t expect his behavior to have such a lasting effect on Woody’s life. Woody enjoyed working with Timothee in his film A Rainy Day in New York, according to Woody’s book Apropos of Nothing. A mutual friend told Woody that Timothee was advised to distance himself from Woody and donate his salary from Rainy Day to charity, because it would increase his chances of being nominated for an Oscar. (He did get a nomination for Call Me By Your Name, but no Oscar.) Following Timothee’s lead, other actors in Woody’s film started backing away from Woody and donating to Time’s Up also. They were afraid NOT to. Amazon dumped the movie, scrapped releasing it, and canceled Woody’s 4 picture deal. All this happened because Woody was accused of “molesting” his adopted daughter Dylan who was living with his bitter ex Mia Farrow. Two investigations found him not guilty and NO ONE ELSE ever accused Woody of such behavior. We think he’s innocent and you will too, if you read Woody’s book. Timothee should read Woody’s book…

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Can’t WAIT to read Woody Allen’s new book Apropos of Nothing– by the way, you cannot buy it from Amazon. In the book, Woody talks about filming A Rainy Day in New York with Timothee Chalamet. Not long after they wrapped, Timothee got an Oscar nomination for the movie Call Me By Your Name. At that time it was shocking when Timothee publicly stated he regretted working with Woody, and was giving his salary to charity. Woody says Timothee told his sister that he needed to do that because his agent felt he had a better chance of winning if he denounced Woody, so he did! Other actors followed suit. Timothee did not win the Oscar, and Woody remarked that he only pays union minimum salary to his actors so donating it was not actually such a “heroic gesture.” Woody’s movie was released in Europe, but Amazon refused to release it here.

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Woody Allen, 82, is walking in New York with his wife Soon-Yi and he has a lot to ponder. Everyone is perplexed about his film A Rainy Day in New York. Inspired by #MeToo, the film’s stars Timothee Chalamet, Selena Gomez and Elle Fanning donated their salaries to women’s causes. The story is about college kids, but it includes a middle aged man, Jude Law, who has affairs with much younger women, even a 15 year old. Amazon may or may not release the movie. He must feel abandoned. It’s sad, we do love Woody’s movies, but he may have trouble casting his next film – if there is another.

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Mia Farrow can hardly contain herself because she’s SO proud of her son Ronan Farrow. He was honored at the New York gala for Time magazine’s 100 Most influential People of 2018 for his explosive reporting of the Harvey Weinstein scandal along with reporters Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey for the New Yorker. Oh, and did you know he also won a Pulitzer Prize for the same thing? Ronan is on top of the world right now and we can’t help wondering what his estranged father Woody Allen is thinking…

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Look who’s appearing in Woody Allen’s currently filming untitled movie set in the late ‘50s: Soprano stars Tony Sirico and Steve Schirripa! We didn’t realize it, but this is Tony’s SIXTH movie with Woody. We’ve known Tony for YEARS – in fact, his name was Junior back in those early New York days. Junior (don’t you dare call him that now!) was the doorman/bouncer at a hot club, and he MEANT BUSINESS. His black hair was slicked back and as shiny as his suit. Cute girls were always welcome, but guys had to wait outside. Any guy who got out of line at that club lived to regret it. Oh, and Junior never went anywhere without packing heat. He was the real thing. And now he’s a movie star- who would have guessed!

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We’ve been waiting eagerly for a look at Woody Allen’s first TV mini-series for Amazon called Crisis in Six Scenes. (Debuts September 30) It takes place during the culture clash in the 1960’s. The fact that it really looks enticing only adds to the mystery of how MUCH Woody accomplishes every year at his advanced ago. How can one man write SO MANY movies, much less direct them? And he never runs out of ideas! Maybe ALL his films aren’t fabulous, but enough of them are to make you always go back for more. Now we have to figure out how to access Amazon…


Woody Allen is a character like no other. Private life aside, he has undeniably brought HOURS of intelligent and humorous entertainment to the world over the years. And he’s been happily married to Soon-Yi for twenty years. He describes her to The Hollywood Reporter as a great companion and a great wife and he adores her. (Mia Farrow’s children remain split on the “molestation” issue, but charges against Allen were investigated and dropped.) Maybe it’s for the best that he remains technologically challenged. This master of filmmaking does not own a computer and only uses a cell phone for making calls. Therefore he was oblivious to the negative furor during the Soon-Yi scandal. He also admits he has never emailed anybody! Woody is happy working nonstop and to his great relief, just finished his untitled Amazon series with Miley Cyrus. As seems to happen every year. Woody’s latest film, Cafe Society, was chosen to screen on the Festival’s opening night.
Above, Woody is arriving in Cannes

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