We haven’t watched the new Amazon Prime documentary Val because, frankly, it seemed like it might be depressing. Through the years we’ve watched Val Kilmer obviously suffering and hiding from the fact that he had cancer. He denied he was sick, but every time we saw him he looked worse. Back in 2015 he had a big lump in his throat and was apparently diagnosed at that time. Since he was a devoted Christian Scientist, he arranged for a “spiritual advisor” from the church to pray away his malady with him. When he didn’t appear to be improving, his two children, Mercedes and Jack, (from his marriage to Joanne Whalley) BEGGED him to seek traditional medical treatment. Eventually he relented and DID have surgery, radiation, and chemo, but would it have been more successful if he had done it sooner? Val survived but he was left suffering with a feeding tube (he cannot eat) and a tracheotomy tube. Val still insists that praying is what healed him and it was the medical treatment that left him to suffer with the tubes…

Photo: Amazon Prime Video


It’s been apparent for some time that Justin Bieber is very unhappy and he admits he is feeling “depressed and disconnected.” He actually implored his fans to pray for him because he feels God and his church will pull him through this bad time. In fact, his God is not going to rescue him and hopefully Justin’s Pastor is not the only person treating him. A licensed therapist will give him better direction. Justin has said he thinks that his fame and success caused his mental problems, but actually it’s how he DEALS with fame that matters. (Keep in mind that being poor and unknown is even MORE depressing!) Depression can happen to anyone, and it cannot be prayed away – professional help is needed.

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA