Looking for laughs? Wrong movie. Joker IS complicated. From the start, Gotham is a dismal and grim world – trash is piling up in the filthy streets, people are abusive to each other, and the sun never shines. There is ZERO resemblance to Batman comics. Joker is a mentally disturbed loner who makes a living dressed as a clown and lives with his equally sad mother in a bleak hole of an apartment. There seem to be no decent people of any kind in this movie so there’s no one to care about. Joaquin Phoenix skillfully wallows in depression and insanity onscreen, and Joker ends up driven to mass murder. He blames HIS problems on successful people, inspiring his motto, Kill The Rich. (Not a good message for America today) This stirs up hordes of other misfits to riot and slaughter. There is no lesson to be learned from this gruesome film – if you want to be depressed – this is the movie for you.

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It’s been apparent for some time that Justin Bieber is very unhappy and he admits he is feeling “depressed and disconnected.” He actually implored his fans to pray for him because he feels God and his church will pull him through this bad time. In fact, his God is not going to rescue him and hopefully Justin’s Pastor is not the only person treating him. A licensed therapist will give him better direction. Justin has said he thinks that his fame and success caused his mental problems, but actually it’s how he DEALS with fame that matters. (Keep in mind that being poor and unknown is even MORE depressing!) Depression can happen to anyone, and it cannot be prayed away – professional help is needed.

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA