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Travis Kelce blabbed on his weekly podcast that it was HIS idea to join girlfriend Taylor Swift onstage during one of her recent European concerts, but we just heard what he DIDN’T reveal. Travis also came up with the idea of appearing in one of Taylor’s upcoming music videos for her latest album and my source says that some of it has already been filmed. Unlike most of Taylor’s last lovers (who’ve preferred to keep things on the down low) Travis loves the spotlight and enjoys having their romance out in the open.

Julia Roberts and her husband Danny Moder celebrated their 22nd wedding anniversary on July 4 with an Instagram post but I’m hearing that the couple ( who many predicted wouldn’t last) also have a secret Independence Day tradition where they renew their wedding vows to one another in private. The notoriously private couple stunned their friends and family 22 years ago when they got married during a July 4 celebration and Julia confided to a pal that they’ve repeated their wedding vow tradition almost every year (a few times they were apart working so they did it on a different date).

Desperate to save his faltering presidential campaign, Joe Biden is on an interview tour as we exclusively reported. Now we are hearing that in addition to the tour, Biden is prepared to take a cognitive test and release the results regardless of how they turn out. My political source says that at this point the president is willing to try almost anything to prove to the American people that he’s capable of being president and not mentally challenged.

On the other hand we are also hearing that his presumptive Republican challenger Donald Trump is TERRIFIED that Biden will be replaced and he’ll have to run against someone younger. My source says that Donald thoroughly enjoys painting Biden as old and feeble, but he’s worried he will be the one looking frail against a younger Democratic candidate. Get this: He’s even started using his wife Melania’s skin serum and emulsion that she orders from a top plastic surgeon every month. Donald is suddenly taking his appearance seriously. In addition to the fancy potions he’s also updating his wardrobe in hopes of appearing younger than 78!

Finally, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck made headlines for spending the holiday weekend on different coasts, but still wearing their wedding rings! For a couple seemingly on the verge of divorce, it’s odd that their rings are back on. Here’s what we know. Their marriage is rife with problems, including their different lifestyles (she loves the limelight and loves to live large, while he’s private and parsimonious). The only things they seem to have in common is incredible sexual chemistry and a true love and respect for one another. So for now, they’re not throwing in the towel, but are hoping to work out some sort of arrangement to stay married but live apart. As for the rings, we heard it was a calculated move to show the public they’re still working on their union.

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Now THAT’S what we call a movie star! Julia Roberts enjoys her status as a superpower in Hollywood, but she always seems happy and enthusiastic and relatively NORMAL. She’s been successfully married to cinematographer Danny Moder for 20 years and they have three kids together. Before she settled down however, her dating life was highly adventurous. At 19, she dated Liam Neeson, (16 years older) and they lived together in Venice, Cal. Her next conquest (in’88) was her Steel Magnolias husband Dylan McDermott, and they became engaged before splitting. (We happily documented all her romances for Star Magazine in those days) Next came her Flatliners costar Kiefer Sutherland- they cancelled their wedding ceremony at the last minute- some say a go-go dancer was involved. Julia was seen with Kiefer’s best friend Jason Patric on what was supposed to be her wedding day! That lasted until she met and married country singer Lyle Lovett, of all people. Work kept them apart and they split amicably after 2 years. Her next romance with delicious Benjamin Bratt lasted 4 years- until she met Danny Moder in the set of The Mexican. He split from his wife the same year that he and Julia wed. She calls it “The best decision I ever made.” Listen to this: Julia says she LOVES being a “homemaker” and has stayed home with her kids as much was possible for the past 18 years. Now she’s back with Gaslit.

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Julia Roberts and Chiwetel Ejiofor were sitting on an LA street filming a scene for The Secret in their Eyes when Julia’s husband Danny Moder, the cameraman, walked over to give the actors a few pointers. Julia’s role in this movie was originally written for a man but producers wanted her so badly they rewrote the part. Although her character still does look a bit mannish in that short wig and suit. The movie is a thriller about old friends who reunite to solve a 25 year old crime.

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