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Bill and Camille Cosby’s marriage has always been a mystery. No matter how many times he cheated on her, she never complained or seemed remotely interested. EVERYBODY knew about Cosby’s hot pursuit of women wherever he went. He was a Playboy mansion regular. The National Enquirer had a deal with Cosby- they killed stories that Cosby’s women sold them and in exchange, Cosby cooperated with the tabloid and gave occasional interviews. The Cosbys had numerous homes so Bill always had a place to bring his women and avoided hotels. Occasionally women he brought home suspected Camille was asleep somewhere in the same large house! When Bill was convicted of rape in 2019, Camille took the staff and moved out of their Massachusetts mansion and into their Pennsylvania home – leaving him alone until he was incarcerated. She NEVER visited him in prison and probably assumed he was out of her life. We cannot imagine she’s really delighted about Cosby’s sudden release… it’s inconvenient at best.

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Today Rose McGowan was called out for criticizing Alyssa Milano because Alyssa sympathizes with and supports her “friend” Georgina Chapman Weinstein. Rose McGowan happens to be DEAD RIGHT. Georgina Chapman married Harvey Weinstein in 2007 – his abuse of power was already legendary in Hollywood. She knew EXACTLY what she was getting into and there’s no doubt that Harvey gave up a truck load of money and promises to obtain an attractive wife. She was bought and paid for. Now hiding out, Georgina claims to be “protecting her children” – has she forgotten that SHE CHOSE HARVEY WEINSTEIN TO BE THEIR FATHER? Rose was right to the point when she tweeted to Alyssa: “Maybe you and Georgina can call Camille Cosby.”
(Above, Rose tweeting in the Manhattan Apple store.)

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For decades the tabloids heard stories about Bill Cosby’s many female conquests – in fact he agreed to cooperate and do personal tabloid interviews if they would kill the sleazy stories – which they did. Cosby seemed to have women set up in condos in just about every major city, besides all the one night stands. So rape accusations are no surprise – the REAL surprise is Camille Cosby’s support of this behavior. Camille was a highly respected, educated and philanthropic woman – Oprah was a huge fan. Now she blames everyone but her husband for his crimes. Her smug face after the mistrial was announced was painful for any woman to see. She’s a disgrace to the female sex. What does Oprah think now?

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Judd Apatow seems to be the only famous guy in Hollywood coming out STRONG against Bill Cosby, and we love him for it. Not only is he criticizing Whoopi Goldberg for her “he’s innocent until proven guilty” stance in spite of Cosby’s OWN confession. Apatow is also calling out Bill’s wife of over 50 years, Camille Cosby, AND Bill’s TV wife Phylicia Rashad , who have been totally supportive of Cosby and don’t believe the 40 female accusers. Apparently Cosby and his wife have some sort of Clinton agreement between them, but she should remain silent instead of making a fool of herself. We can’t figure out why Phylicia would embarrass herself by supporting Cosby. But Judd IS a feminist dream.
(Above, Judd with his daughter Iris)

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