Today Rose McGowan was called out for criticizing Alyssa Milano because Alyssa sympathizes with and supports her “friend” Georgina Chapman Weinstein. Rose McGowan happens to be DEAD RIGHT. Georgina Chapman married Harvey Weinstein in 2007 – his abuse of power was already legendary in Hollywood. She knew EXACTLY what she was getting into and there’s no doubt that Harvey gave up a truck load of money and promises to obtain an attractive wife. She was bought and paid for. Now hiding out, Georgina claims to be “protecting her children” – has she forgotten that SHE CHOSE HARVEY WEINSTEIN TO BE THEIR FATHER? Rose was right to the point when she tweeted to Alyssa: “Maybe you and Georgina can call Camille Cosby.”
(Above, Rose tweeting in the Manhattan Apple store.)

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News



  1. Rose is being a bully. She can’t dictate how others feel or respond. She herself took a payoff from Weinstein years ago. She reminds me of my abusive ex-husband. If we were watching a movie and I didn’t laugh at the same scenes he did or I didn’t laugh loud enough, he would get very angry and call me stupid. Degrading a friend and insulting her publically is abuse.

  2. Alyssa Milano has played stupid once too many times. Shedated corey haim and acts like she knew nothing about anything. She’s an enabler.

  3. I totally agree – Georgina not only was bought and paid for but participated in misrepresentation of this happy successful married couple for the general public to feel unlucky or unworthy or undeserving – GROSS – no one has brought up the aspect of disease….ewwwwwww….my favorite is the ex wife he cheated on with Georgina who fantastically says it can’t possibly be true! Call her “Paid Off”!

  4. When Weinsteingate first broke, Georgina used associates to clarify that her relationship with Harvey “was strictly a business arrangement.” All for show–and “show” business is one of the toughest, certainly the phoniest out there. Rose and Alyssa both know that.

    Georgina may have never even had sex with Weinstein, notwithstanding the “children they have together.” What does her contract say?

    Regardless, she knew when she “bought” the pig, that the GRUNT came with the deal.

    (And isn’t it interesting that not only did Hurricane Harvey lay waste to much
    of Hollywood, politics, and Network Television; it also cut a swath across the fashion sphere: Bruce Weber; Terry Richardson; the MORON formerly known as Donna Karan; and now apparently the soon-to-be-ex wife–whose “fashions by Georgina” are soon to be available at SEARS 😀 )

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