Bill and Camille Cosby’s marriage has always been a mystery. No matter how many times he cheated on her, she never complained or seemed remotely interested. EVERYBODY knew about Cosby’s hot pursuit of women wherever he went. He was a Playboy mansion regular. The National Enquirer had a deal with Cosby- they killed stories that Cosby’s women sold them and in exchange, Cosby cooperated with the tabloid and gave occasional interviews. The Cosbys had numerous homes so Bill always had a place to bring his women and avoided hotels. Occasionally women he brought home suspected Camille was asleep somewhere in the same large house! When Bill was convicted of rape in 2019, Camille took the staff and moved out of their Massachusetts mansion and into their Pennsylvania home – leaving him alone until he was incarcerated. She NEVER visited him in prison and probably assumed he was out of her life. We cannot imagine she’s really delighted about Cosby’s sudden release… it’s inconvenient at best.

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA


  1. Noway wifey is happy he’s home. Maybe a divorce is coming.

  2. She knew what he was and stayed married for all these years. All for money. She is despicable.

  3. Supposedly Crosby wouldn’t let his wife and family visit him. he felt he didn’t belong in jail and would be exonerated and freed. And he was. Another site says Crosby might sue the county for his prosecution. the decision–especially that he couldn’t be retried– was a sad day for women

  4. Those two are disgusting pieces of shit. She obviously likes the money a sane person could never be attracted to him . He is revolting looking makes a person want to hurl. Such a miracle he is no longer blind. I hoped he would have died in prison

  5. The Cos is a horny perv no doubt but he is no worse than all those women who were happy to be bedded for famer and came back time and again and never complained until it was about $$$ and pile on.

    Dont you think J Lo was ready and eager to service Black Puffy as it brought her fame and fortune. Many more as well. Ellen and Rosie have played the game as well with many willing and that is a truly disgusting thought!

  6. The casting couch cul-de-sac.
    It used to be about just sex.
    Now it’s much more nefarious.
    Disney. ATandT. Comcast.
    Hello Communist China.
    Just say nice things about the CCP.
    OR ELSE!

  7. She LOVES being MRS. BILL COSBY, and because of that, didn’t care about all of the women. Sounds like they’ve been living emotionally apart for years now, so I doubt there will be a divorce. What I want to know is how are the grown kids handling all of this? Do you know, Janet?

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