We had a chat with a friend of the Stallone family who cleared up a few things about the death of Sly’s oldest son Sage. Sage’s autistic brother Seargeoh, 32, lives with his mother Sasha. Apparently, family members feel Sly DID ignore his son after he married Jennifer Flavin and started a new family. And Jennifer did not encourage Sly to stay in contact with his “old family.” Sage rarely saw his father and unfortunately Sage called Sly on his birthday July 6, and left a message saying he’d like to get together, but Sly didn’t call back, according to our source. Sage’s mother Sacha paid for all the funeral expenses (the funeral is at Forest Lawn on Saturday) but Sly may or may not have chipped in some money later. The Stallone family is not a happy one. Sly has banned his mother Jackie and half sister Toniann (who has lung cancer) from the ceremony.

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  1. dated actors even use their own dead son for getting back in the limelights.
    anyway: DEAD ON ARRIVAL?

  2. Many years ago I met Sly and found him to have an inflated ego.

  3. Very Sad. This kid obviously felt horribly neglected. What a shame that Actors care more about their egos then their kids.

  4. Unfortunately in my life I have seen what being neglected by a parent can do to someone even when the child is in their 40s. It hurts no matter what the age is. I am sure that this was a driving force to abuse substances and I am so sorry for him. I think Stallone’s career (or what he has left) is going to suffer over this. I at least hope so. He needs to feel the backlash.

  5. I have to agree with Dragonfly, neglect in any form is painful & more so when it comes from a parent. Apparently, few people who have met Sly compare it to looking into the eyes of a shark.

  6. Sly has to deal with the loss of his son. Any regrets he may have will be a lifetime burden for him. Let the family grieve and leave them alone. Digging up dirt(real or not) doesn’t change what happened and is cruel.

  7. What right does Sly have in banning his mother and sister from the funeral? Did he pay for the funeral and is the controller of mom and sis? To hell with that he said, I would be there.

  8. This is really sad if it’s all true. I’ve often wondered how the “first families” of these actors feel when they get married again and have another family-if they pay any attention to their older children or not.

  9. It’s not just actors who remarry and all but abandon their first families. Very common in the real world too.

  10. I guess all of Stallone’s steriod use also enlarged his ego. Sad.

  11. If true, how cruel to ban a grandmother from her grandson’s funeral. Screw Stallone. Jackie and his sister should go to the funeral.

    My deepest sympathies to Sage’s mother.

  12. Good looking guy and a pity about his death. My heart goes out to his mum. Lucky him that he had his mom’s good looks.

    His dad is an idiot. How hard would it have been to call your own child back in a timely manner? I am sure we all remember that good old (old) Syl dumped Jennifer than minute he thought he got another trick pregnant. It was definitely was a delightful moment when (Maury voice) Sylvester you are not the father. Can’t believe Jennifer took the hag back, but you reap what you sow, girl.

  13. I think Sly need a brain lift instead of a facelift. To bad he seems such a jerk.

  14. I remember dumped Jennifer several times but she always came back, for some reason $$$.

  15. I know it’s common in the real world, but it would seem even more hurtful when the rejection and preference for the second family is so much in the public arena.

  16. If I were the grandma wild horses wouldn’t keep me away from the funeral. Disgusting, and it changes my view of Stallone

  17. Didnt this site write something about a sex tape between Sly and Tonianne? Clearly there is a lot of dysfunctionality in the family. Maybe poor Sly needs to keep everyone apart so his fragile Glass House doesn’t come tumbling down around him. I’m surprised if Jackie was not invited by Sasha b/c them two ladies (Sasha & Jackie) always were lose. Sasha & Jackie live on the same exclusive block. So couldn’t Sasha just have invited Jackie?
    Also apparently the sister Tonianne is in grave condition with stage 4 lung cancer and she and her son Eddmond live in Jackie’s home right next to Sasha. Sounds like Sage at least was close with Mommy, grand-ma, auntie and cousin Edd.

  18. hopefully sly is also at peace…since abandoning his family is now at end…i salute for sasha being patiently attending her son for the past of their lives.

  19. Stallone picked his 2nd family…and put his 1st family in the garbage. RIP Sage, you were a hurt man that struggled. How sad.

  20. He listens to his stupid, overbearing mom.. he’s just as stupid to reject anyone she doesn’t approve of every time, including this son, his wives, friends, work.. I mean Jackie Stallone says she is an astrologist, she predicts this or that will happen.. so superstitious, she lives her life as a crazy person who can predict the future based on the positions of the Moon, Sun, and other planets. Why didn’t she know this would happen to her grandson.. or did she think it would and decided not to get involved?

  21. It is obvious Sage was neglected and was very
    depressed. I haven’t seen Sage out with his
    father in years enjoyed a Laker game or at any event. It’s so sad….he must have felt
    horrible being rejected and not included in his father’s life. No matter how Sly Stallone trys to cover up the truth in this
    terrible tragedy, it’s clear that that awful
    Jennifer changed his life for the worse. I
    know people who know her and she is a b…
    only interested in money and more money. I
    have also heard that she didn’t want his boys
    around him, which shows you she doesn’t really love him. If she did, she would have
    made a happy family life for him. The people
    that have met her not only said she is a b…
    but they aren’t really a happy couple. What
    Sly has done will hurt his career and haunt
    him the rest of his life. He will never get
    past it cause he will realize the pain he
    caused his son. He is certainly being taught
    a lesson…whether he learns from it or not
    remains to be seen. I, too, am surprised
    that Jackie didn’t say tough and go to the
    funeral of her grandson. How sad and that
    really shows me the character of Sylvester
    Stallone…shame on him and I hope he feels
    guilty his whole life. And that horseface of
    a wife will get hers too! It’s just the way
    life turns around and gives it back to you.
    Rest in peace Sage…you were loved by your
    mom and grandma and cousins!

  22. Eff that; he didn’t pay for the funeral and he abandoned his son so that removes any slightest possibility of him banning someone from the funeral, in my opinion.

    Haha, brain lift — I think he needs a brain implant although I don’t know where he’d source one. Then again, couldn’t do worse than what he’s got.

  23. I wish Sylvester would have tried to keep in touch with his sons. Well, he doesn’t have to be concerned with any thoughts of dear Sage now but I do believe if he would have had some kind of relationship with his dad it would have helped Sage. For his apt. to be such a disaster meant no one was watching out for him. Oh, Sylvester, for everything there is a time and a season and your season to be able to share Sage’s life is gone. He was so beautiful he could have been a mega super star. Well, Jennifer, no more calls now from Sage. He looked so sad and lonely. On his Facebook he said everyone knew he had no friends. If only he can know how we all grieved when he died and never met him. Rest now, dear Sage.

  24. Not only would the problems with his dad affect Sage but I am sure with his brother having autism Sage probably had to take the back seat a lot when he was still living at home with his mom. Situations like that are very difficult.

  25. I could tell Jennifer was the type of bitch who would do anything she could go keep the first family away. Sly should have been a real man and told her to STFU!

  26. I always liked Sly until now, saw Sages pics and felt deep sorrow pain you could see in his eyes. Yrs of abandonment. Sly is such Ahole you can’t disown your kids!! He should come clean and confess what a mess he made instead of covering up.

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