Storage Wars’ unexpected sex symbol, Barry Weiss, had a “meet n’ greet” appearance recently at the Seminole Casino in Hollywood Florida, and over a thousand fans mobbed the place for autographs and photos. He stayed over four hours to please every one of them. Barry and his collection of vintage shirts seem to be popping up in cities across the country promoting the hit show. According to, he may even be hosting his own game show called “What Are You Worth?” if the pilot sells. We’d LOVE to take a peek in his closet.

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  1. Yet another reason I am SO glad that I cancelled my cable TV. ( As I write this, I am listening to a philosophy lecture from Yale, on YouTube. I order shows that I want on Apple, and BBC series from Amazon.
    I think it’s a plot. Get the kids to accept mediocre TV, and then when the *Mash* generation dies out, they can just serve up mindless pap, and make a ton of bucks.
    Seriously folks, introduce your kids to quality entertainment, and don’t let them settle for the crap that passes for TV today. Spend 60 bucks a month for this dross? No way. I hung on to cable tv for the news, for the past few years, but when it became 10 min of news, and 45 of entertainment crap, that’s when I finally decided that it was time to cut the cable.
    What has happened to us as a civilization? How are people who watch “Jersey Shore”or The Bachelor” allowed to vote?

  2. mistechal, That’s all very good. Still, just like us, you are hanging out on a gossip website.

  3. The wife has discovered this show in the last two or three weeks and loves it. The main reason I think Weiss character. She thinks he is funny. Personally, I think he would be a great host.

  4. mistechal, I agree with your views on children and watching garbage on tv. We give our grandkids and great grandkids a time limit on tv when they are with us.

    However, as an senior citizen, there are times when I don’t want to watch any more bad news on tv and I just want to be entertained by mindless fluff. 🙂

  5. I’m not a senior, yet, Walt, but I like mindless fluff too. Helps let go of the heavy everyday stuff.

  6. An ELDERY JEW??? You KNOW how much I love jews!!!!!!!

    Come to papa! I’ll be your mensch!

  7. Bitch above is an IMPOSTER!

    I am the real Strom-forrest gump!!!!!!!!!

    Hear me whine!

  8. Some people need to decompress from their mentally overwhelming day with mindless television. I understand that now with my Mrs. I’ve done the “why are you watching”(insert mindless garp show here} with my partner and seen the look of fuck off, leave me alone enough to know, back away and go crack another beer and shut up.
    WE all can’t absorb PBS and enjoy it.
    And some of us need to RX up or it goes silly on Janet Charlton.

  9. I Like that Shirt! I Like the color!

  10. That is so nice to stick around to make other people happy…That is really thoughtful and kind to make sure his fan base is pleased.

  11. JEWS never give me the blues!!

    I would suck his cock like it was a matzo ball!


    …………..THAT’S ALL FOLKS!

  12. I love that show! Love Barry, too! I just wish someone would tell Darrell to wear some sunscreen. He just looks so crispy all the time and it makes me hurt. But, again, I love them all!

  13. Just imagine the bad Karma these folks must be accumulating! Making money off of others misfortune!

    Just imagine if they were bidding on YOUR lost belongings that you could not afford to pay for.

    Just another example of TASTELESS TV.

  14. Barry is so sexy. I’m a single 51 year old business owner in Colorado….come out and visit me Barry…Yummmmm XXXXXXXXX

  15. Give it a break…Barry is just a yid with a $$$$ complex….he and Fred Goldman should get together and count up their shekels.

  16. When will Barry be in Los Angeles again?
    I’d really like to meet him.

    Thank you

  17. Give it a break…Barry is just a yid with a $$$$ complex….he and Fred Goldman should get together and count up their shekels.

    You can catch him and Larry King over at the jewish deli across from Larry’s house many mornings…lot’s of ‘nashing and comparing $$$ accounts.

  18. Don’t need his shekels or care about his new-found fame. Barry’s just d–n sexy.

  19. I can’t believe that I missed seeing Barry in Hollywood, FL! I wish I had known! I would LOVE to meet him. Yes, he is catnip!

  20. Barry disgusts me. He throws stuff around without any care for the items. He reminds me of a grave robber. And he is a gross dirty old man with those lame one-liners. DIRTY OLD MAN. Keep him away from your children. Filthy Mind,Filthy Mouth,Filthy Heart. YUCK. acutally i dont’ care for any of them, One is a bully (Darrell),one is a Thug(Jarrod&girl)one is a letch(barry)and one is an honest bussiness man (Dave)(smartest one btw.)

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