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The Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York has become one of the biggest fashion nights of the year. Back in the early 90’s we were lucky to attend one of these events and didn’t know which way to turn. The curated show itself was mesmerizing but the place was loaded with celebrities in every corner. Since then the event has become designer driven and we picked two noteworthy looks. Jessica Alba’s dress by Michael Kors is a gorgeous color on her and looks quite elegant. Beyonce looks beautiful but at first we thought her showgirl style dress was designed by her mother- a bit too flashy. But actually it was Givenchy, so mom’s off the hook.


  1. psssst: these sluts just hope that by acting prudish & so tacky the american audience accept these sickmaking persons!!

  2. Beyonce being calle dthe Most Beautiful Woman in the World is a bigger joke than Hillary Clinton being called hetrosexual!

  3. Billy joel is right, you cant look trashy if you dont spend alot of money.

  4. Call me jealous (I am NOT), but I just don’t get Beyonce. She’s a pretty girl, but the World’s Most Beautiful? Uh…I think not. I work with a young woman who puts Beyonce to shame. And roots, especially in a black woman’s hair, look especially bad. She does the Feria commercials, you’d think she’d keep those roots colored. The dress she’s wearing here is so ugly, why didn’t she just show up in a bikini?

  5. These two want to hide their race as much as possible but can’t. Beyonce tries everything possible to not be BLACK and Jessica does the same to avoid being called a LATINA. One look at either and you see the futility of this camo. Turn them around and you can tell in a moment that no amount of plastic will overcome their genes.

    Be proud of your natural race…you look like these two when you try and hide it.

  6. Jessica’s dress looks like something from Dynasty episode.

  7. This woman really look incredible and really smoking hot and special wonderful outstanding woman? Truely amazing and really breath taking to Boot…This woman really rock there cloths to Death.

  8. There smile lights up the room and all eyes are on this special pretty ladies…They both really know how to rock your socks off and can hold there best with the best of them.

  9. Anyone who is lucky to say hello to this special supper stars ( Who Look Amazing) Are Lucky as Hell. If either lady looked my way…I would melt like butter!

  10. pot kettle black Strom ! ” Waffles for everyone” funny !

  11. I don’t care for the current trend of these see through dresses, I think they are so tacky.

  12. They look gorgeous! Like Hollywood stars should look, and unlike some mothers of numerous adoptive children and a pair of twins, they at least have a body, and some curves.

  13. Beyonce being called the Most Beautiful Woman in the World is a bigger joke than Hillary Clinton being called hetrosexual!

  14. Fakeyonce has the highest paid image team working hard to repair the damage to her reputation…and it seems to be paying off with people rag and “best dressed” distractions.

  15. Folks, SORRY for the above posts…my MEDS weren’t working!

    I know… I know, it’s obvious that I’m jealous of women of color and black men and gay people and jews cause I’m a FAT BROKE CRACKER, OOOOoooops!

    Time for my meds.

    Forgive me!

  16. Both dresses are fine, except for the purple feathers on the hem of Beyonce’s. That just goes to show that designers have really bad days, and their clients are not supposed to notice.

  17. Jessica Alba is The Bomb and really Hot and Sexy and Beyonce looks incredible after having her child…It looks this woman are having the time of there life and Dress to kill is such a thrill.

  18. It is the Costume Institute Gala, so I expect over the top fashion.

    I don’t like the purple feathers on the bottom of Beyonce’s dress either. Of course on Marc Jacobs, it just might work.

  19. Poor miserable imposter….cant develop a life so just has to copy another.

    Both are so disdainful of their true race’s and want to try and show they are women of class but, like the imposter, can’t pull it off!

  20. Ignore the imposter Strom. His schtick is getting old.

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