Steven Tyler had bloodshot eyes and was slightly unsteady, but he had a blonde woman to hang onto when he walked out of Chiltern Firehouse in London. It’s amazing that the Aerosmith singer has the nerve to wear open toe shoes and blue toe nail polish, since he has those creepy crooked toes. Wait till this girl gets a look at them in a well lit place!

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

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  1. Wow Janet, you are jumping on to the gravy train by promoting the “Chiltern Firehouse” . How much is Balazs paying you for the promotion? Will you soon have a huge staff like Harvey Levin? So many questions!

  2. ………he is such a sad & desperate old man.

    just paying prostitutes to comfort him.
    (well, I’m a little bit jealous)

  3. Why is the blogger talking about someone’s feet? Her face never won Miss USA!

  4. She looks pretty wasted and like she has gone home with many guys before!

  5. what the hell is he wearing on his head looks like part of a nun’s outfit

  6. Wow, thought he was Keith Richards, well, same difference.

    @PitBullLover – LOL!!!!!

  7. He looks absolutely gross. She must have her beer goggles on. Argh!

  8. Newsflash: girls don’t go out with guys like this because they are attractive.

  9. He has totally gone off the rails. His clothing choices are Johnny Depp rejects and don’t even get me started on the feet.

  10. Steven Tyler has more than paid his dues in this world. He’s talented, creative and very dedicated to his fans. His clothes/shoes don’t make the man. The man makes his attire. Let the trolls jump off a bridge. If you don’t like him, fine, but that doesn’t give you license to pick apart his physical appearance. He’s a super star because he took risks. Some don’t pay off but most do. You go Stephen. Your true fans love you!

  11. Look people Steven Tyler has done alot for women who have been abused he owns buildings that is where these abused young Ladies live and they help them with everything they are doing through all types of abuse as for Stevens feet there is nothing wrong with his feet he has had several surgery’s done on his feet so that he can walk so if you can’t say anything nice about his feet then shut the hell up he has done alot to help abused women alot more then any of you ass holes have ever done the name of the organization is called Janie’s Fund so kiss his ass people his feet are a health issue so shut the hell up and leave him alone he is a excellent man and should be respected that way

  12. I am a fan of the most famous singer , and I agree with Teresa, what she said. Stop criticizing him , he isn’t running for president. He is a ARTIST , He is a sensitive human being. Just Stop.

  13. Didn’t he just admit to unspeakable acts with a minor?

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