Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News
Gary Glitter got all dressed up to go to court in London where he’s being charged with revolting crimes related to having sex with and drugging underage girls. He was quite a dandy back in the 70’s when he recorded “Rock and Roll” (video above) which became a sports anthem. The glam rocker’s career fizzled in the 90’s when he had criminal convictions for possession of child pornography and child sexual abuse. One can only imagine what he got away with at the height of his fame. He’s now a registered sex offender and probably on his way to prison.


  1. What a disgusting Man. He should just move to Hollywood. His type of filth is celebrated there. He could attend those pool parties with that famous director who loves the ‘twinks’.

  2. Just look at the disguise: beard, mustache, hat, scarf.
    Like all that’s going to cover up who he is. Gross.

  3. hey Amy,

    I think he’d fit seamlessly – at a Baptist Mega church revival, or your typical, southern Republican ethics investigation, he’d feel right at home there amongst the droolers ..

  4. his money was out to buy a decent shirt?

    ……….or this is how pedophiles dress themselves?

  5. So u are posting about pedophiles now, Janet? Is that alrite with u?

  6. Wasn’t Gary always known for young girls, not boys? The Gay Mafia will not come to his aid like they did the Disney bunch.

    The Vietnamese should have castrated him when he was caught there years ago but it was probably more about money than the kids.

  7. Thought this ol’ fool died eons ago. He could have at least ironed his suit.

  8. He is a predator and should rot in jail. Maybe he will become the prey there.

  9. I love my beloved Idol Gary Glitter and always will. It is an obscenity and an outrage that he should be dragged to court when he should be up on stage entertaining us and making beautiful inspiring records!!!! I am absolutely disgusted and incensed at the persecution of this beautiful human being!!!!

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