Diane Keaton was giddy with excitement today because she put her handprints and footprints in cement in front of the Chinese Theater on Hollywood Blvd. She took a close look at the wet cement and decided no way was she going to dip her $1300 Maxfield black boots into THAT! So she sat down and removed her expensive boots and polka dot socks and used her BARE FEET for the footprints. Come to think of it, she might be the ONLY pair of bare feet on the Walk of Fame. Her adopted kids, Dexter, 27, and Duke, 22, were at the ceremony to cheer her on.


Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA


  1. She has always been a bizarre woman, I mean she made love to Woody Allen.

  2. Bare feet in cement makes more sense than shoe prints. The shoes could belong to anyone.

  3. Yes Diane has always been strange. At the airport when she is traveling, she carries her clothes and belongings in white Hefty trash bags used in the kitchen.

  4. She’s doing the correct thing. But I know she’s not the only person who has been barefoot when doing the same thing. Christina Applegate very recently went to hers barefoot and I know she didn’t wear shoes that day, at the adult star walk Mira Sorvino took off her shoes and socks to stand in Marilyn Chambers barefoot prints (I know they’re not the same place but Mira is an actress who has put pictures on the internet doing exactly what I described. Yes , she’s much older than the others and probably not the person I’d get style lessons from, but that’s almost impossible to do with shoos on. And the person who said she was doing it so we’d know those are really her prints and not just another pair of flat shoe imprints in cement. Why is being barefoot in public an issue anyway. As long as nobody’s sticking their feet in my space I don’t care if they are not wearing shoes. I get gas barefoot all the time. I even go inside the station/store and never put them on. I have cute feet according to the company I am a lawyer who has a sister who was supposed to be there for her shoot and we’re identical twins so I went for her and immediately got busted but they liked my toes (I know now it’s about alignment and nail beds plus I have had my toes painted hot pink or cobalt blue for the last 30 years. I still model my toes for the largest nail polish company in the world and so does my sister. I think comfort beats style anytime. I don’t think everyone should just stop wearing shoes. I do have manners and I do wear some occasionally when I need to. Otherwise I can do what I want being the only supervisor in my department (yes I let the other girls do it too, I haven’t had any men do it at work or anywhere else I know of. Usually college girls or housewives and the ratio of well taken care of feet is much higher than I thought it would be. Like me, 98% of the women paint their nails, get professional pedis every other month (more if you need it and less if you don’t) I have hired a few thousand models over the last few years and I am still amazed by how many women feel embarrassed by her feet but still wear sandals every day? If you don’t want to see them don’t show them and wearing sandals is considered showing your feet off. It may help you to ask a few people who are close to you if you have cute feet or not? I was told I did and I had no clue how much I would appreciate them for the next however many years. Take your shoes off if you want to or don’t. Pretty easy to do or not do!!
    I’d include a picture of mine but I don’t know how here. Have a wonderful weekend and be safe. Jen

  5. Don’t understand the negativity here. They should all be barefoot when leaving prints. Keaton is right – those shoes could be anybody’s. And her style is exquisite and original – more than I can say for most people.

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