Prince loves to organize talented girls into musical groups – especially beautiful ones. He has a new project he’s involved in called “Honey Collective” and it’s a bunch of music oriented women – DJ’s, musicians, dancers, etc and they all have something in common – they love HIS music. He’s made up some awfully strict RULES for these adoring HC girls. They are supposedly required to take a lie detector test and promise that:
1, they have been celibate for three years (?)
2, they are free of all contracts
3, they truly LOVE funk music
Rumor is that Prince is more than friends with HC founder DJ Rashida. You can catch Prince and any number of these performing femmes at Goa on Tuesday nights. Prince will be wearing yellow and black because he calls himself the HC “mascot.”

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  1. Prince only put out 1 good album- purple rain. The rest of his music is crap. They worship him in la like he is god. What a joke.

  2. I guess you never heard of 1999, Dirty Mind, Sign of Times, Diamonds and Pearls,
    Batman, Musicology.
    All million sellers. This guy has sold 50 million CDs.

  3. This guy is becoming a character of his pretentious self. Can we get that guy who punched out Suge to punch Prince Rogers Nelson out?

  4. hello.\its 1985 they want their year back….princess is a royal marrying your cousin

  5. hello.\its 1985 they want their year back….princess is a royal marrying your cousin

  6. This guy is a creepy little dude whose music has always been so pretentious I can’t even listen to it. Now he’s acting like a pimp. Get over yourself, Prince. And women, have some dignity. Honey Collective? Why not just be honest and call it Pussy Juice Collective, you creep

  7. Number 1 is way out of line… those girls shouldnt have fallen for that 1!
    Prince is a control freak.

  8. You people have crappy taste, his music is the best.

  9. Hey,Anonymous! You’re a douchebag living in your mama’s basement and sucking powdered milk out of her floppy, drooping tit. Prince is a genius, LOSER!

  10. How pray tell will the tiny little man enforce rule #1.

  11. Janet, nobody wants to read about Prince…face it you are totally out of touch.

  12. Prince is an icon that doesn’t abuse the tabs or exploit himself for self gain. Always newsworthy, always eccentric, always bordering on batshit crazy, horny, sexy, sexist, and a musical genius that has carved his own style that has last for decades. But, if you can’t see that, then there’s always the Jonas Bros.

  13. Janet, you should apply for the Honey Collective, you meet all the criteria

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