Sorry, but we can never look at Snoop Dogg quite the same after his horrific and gangster-like condemnation of journalist Gayle King for merely mentioning Kobe Bryant’s rape accusation. Yes, Kobe turned his life around and became a great guy after that transgression, but the truth is, he got away with rape and Snoop thinks that’s okay. There’s no doubt about Kobe’s guilt – the teen victim had purple marks on her neck from being choked. She was INTIMIDATED into not appearing in court (by people like Snoop?) so charges were dropped, but she did get money in a civil suit later. That’s how women were treated in those days, Snoop, but things have changed, and it’s time for you to evolve!

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  1. Once a thug, always a thug. LOL, women aren’t real people to these types.

  2. What reputation?

    Please clarify WHY anyone would listen to a has-been like Snoop?

  3. He’s clearly not an educated man. He thinks insulting someone and threatening them is okay. I doubt anyone cares what he thinks.

  4. Ghetto culture celebrates stuff like this. And we give this “culture” grammys. unreal.

  5. How did he tarnish his name? Contrary to haters, he elevated his name by calling out a witch called Kale who had no respect for a woman who had suffered a big loss.#lstandwithsnoop

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