Roy Horn – half of the Las Vegas tiger taming duo Siegfried & Roy, has been accused of sexually attacking his male assistants – in spite of the fact that he’s crippled. He was mauled by a white tiger at the Mirage Hotel in 2003 and still has such limited movement that he needs round the clock care. He’s gone through a dozen male assistants in the past two years and an employee finally installed a hidden camera in Roy’s bedroom. The Enquirer obtained the videotape which shows Roy blatantly molesting one assistant after another. So far, only one sexually harassed assistant is filing a lawsuit, but more might follow.

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  1. Nobody had any right to hide a camera in HIS bedroom. If there were ANY men in this guy’s bedroom, what the hell were they doing there? DU-UH!! You’re in the BEDROOM! What the hell do you think he’s going to think? He’s going to think you’re in there to DO HIM! Sounds like a stinking steup to me and Siegfield should be royally pissed off over the whole deal, wheather this is still his love/lover/or only a friend/business partner.. you don’t let people set up your pals like that with a hidden camera! That’s just shitty!

  2. Horn has worked with cats so long. You can’t blame him for pawing a man every now and then.

  3. Reta – the guy is an invulid so of course he will have CARETAKE RS in his bedroom. As far as the camera goes – maybe the care takers had had enough harassment and decided to document his behavior.

  4. We have no idea how the cameras got in the bedroom. Horn’s people could be responsible for those – thinking they were gaurding Horn’s well-being.

  5. To Pippa-London
    Only in America???? I read the british web news everyday….you guys have more freaks then a side show!!
    People in glass houses….yadda yadda yadda!

  6. I feel really bad for the caretakers. Taking care of someone who has limited mobility and cannot perform a lot of things for themselves is a demanding job; and no one deserves to be molested while doing it.

    Is it possible to feel that catching him molesting male caretaker after male caretaker is worse than him molesting them in the first place?

    Also, I’ve been in the bedrooms of male friends before, and I certainly don’t think that makes me deserve to be raped or molested. Similarly, if I were a personal assistant to someone, I would feel the same way (but personal assistants often are in bedrooms of their employers taking notes from them, telling them their schedules, or helping them work on things).

    I hope others feel similarly; I am writing this not to make any assumptions but to ask.

  7. I forgot to mention that if someone has limited mobility, the caretaker must be in the bedroom at times to help them get up or go to sleep or get to the bathroom (possibly even help them use the bathroom, depending on the patient’s specific abilities or disabilities at the time).

  8. Rochelle, too too true!!! If you read the British tabloids you have to believe that all of the U.K. is one giant freak show.

    Also, Britain created – during the 90’s – the insane celebrity/tabloid/paparazzi culture that is now giving the whole world one big headache.

  9. When I was in London, I couldn’t get enough of all the mags with juicy gossip, mostly about the monarchy. I don’t know why, but I really like the queen. Now the world is wondering if Kate Middleton will ever snare William, having been told on the front end that he WILL have mistresses per tradition.
    Can’t say the Brits are boring, they more or less tell it like it is.

  10. Evidentally they are not paying their “rent boys” enough money for their services.

  11. Indy, the monarchy, really?

    I read the tabloids online, and pick up a rag when I see it in a store. They are full of stories about people who have have sexual relationships with their own mothers/sisters/brothers; Jordan’s latest set of boobs, or her transvestite lover; Pete Burns talking about his exploding face; Gypsies invading English towns and turning all the pets into goulash; happy slap murders.

    Try something other than Hello! magazine.

  12. This guy is still quite wealthy, no? I find it hard to believe that there aren’t some gold diggers willing to fool around with him. I guess the two of them are not a couple any longer?

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