Today Levi Johnston is filming that video with singer Brittani Senser from Minneapolis and it was obviously a smart move on her handlers part to hire him because she’s getting tons of publicity. They’re filming at mansion on Franklin near Normandie and Levi’s walking around feeling important with his hulking bodyguard Tank, who is apparently lacking in manners. There are attempts to spin a “romance” between the two since they showed up at the Teen Choice Awards last night, but don’t believe it. We hear that Levi is being paid $9000 for the video performance. His reality show is also at the shoot, filming him.

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  1. When will Levi go away? What on earth is the appeal of the guy? He looks like an extra from Little House on the Prairie, or the Waltons – all Gee Shucks, Milk/Corn Fed wholesome prettiness and nothing more. Does any female demographic find this guy appealing, or is it just the pederasts?

  2. Levi is entertaining when he’s on ET, and making comments about the Palins–that is his redeeming quality.

  3. Bluejay, I had forgotten about that! He is a pain in the neck to Palin, and will continue to be a problem and an embarrassment, and may even interfere with the bespeckled birdbrain getting on the 2012 ticket. I now wish only good things for Levi and the fruit of his loins.

  4. Carrier of diseases, such an airhead. He’ll have speckles alright, on his Jiminy Cricket. I hope he has tons of kids, many of whom he will not know about, until all the mamas come forward at the same demanding DNA tests. lol

  5. Why in God’s name does this nobody have a reality show? I swear there are no more writers in Hollywood, it’s just trash trash and more trash

  6. It’s going to be a hoot when he runs for governor of Alaska.

  7. This Man could represent the Republican Party, another “Glen Beck”.

  8. Pippa-London, HaHaHa. Howbout a gay porno featuring Levi and Beck.

  9. This man could represent the Democratic Party, another Keith Olbermann.

  10. Palermo — You are correct about there being no more writers in reality television land. It’s true.
    I have an idea for a show and went back to my old bosses… told them I could have a written proposal to them in a week or so (I have a journalism degree and make my living now as a freelance print writer).
    My former boss’s response was this: “Oh, Hilary, don’t take the time to write anything. No one reads anymore!”
    Instead, he just wants some video clips. I will send those clips to him, but the state of reality television right now is very sad. It’s all about being fast and cheap. Period.

  11. his HAIRY ANUS is smiling to the boys of “WEST HOLLYWOOD”!!!!!!!!

  12. Captain America, you are on a roll today. You are making me laugh left, right and center.

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